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The Bridge – Ultimate Mix Tool

In the previous post about Ableton and Serato's partnership to give us The Bridge, there was some information on how it all will work in Serato's programs. This is how Serato will work in Ableton. Basically, its a super powerful mixtape recording tool. Depending on your audio setup, you can multitrack record into Ableton. And, to top it off, fader movements, EQ tweaks and Crossfader cuts are recorded as automation, allowing you to further edit your mix after your tables stop turning.

This is the multitrack recording for turntables (or CDs, whatever) that DJs have been asking for, basically, for forever. You just set up Serato to record as ".als" and off you go.  Im not sure if you must wait for Serato's upgrade, or if you can do this now. Either way, its here are it is going to put DJing back into the mixtape!

Bridge with ableton

Serato Scratch Live Kit + Headphones + Clear Vinyl

Ableton Live 8 Full Version

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