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New, rumored, Daft Punk tracks = FAKE

Last week, two new "leaked" Daft Punk tracks, from the upcoming Tron Legacy movie, hit the internet. They circulated around and even Kanye West posted these tracks. It was good enough to fool him, but take a listen, i don't think these sound quite like out Helmeted friends. Continue reading (tracks after the jump)...

Daft Punk

The buzz started from a french Daft Punk dedicated blog Daft World. Not sure what their blog says, because its in French, but the track sure fooled them too. The Crash is actually a track called Body Double from an artist named Pilotpriest from the record label Calamity Jane. So, that leaves the question... Where are is the other track from?




Daft Punk - The Crash (FAKE), actually "Body Double" from Pilotpriest

Daft Punk (Fake) - Fragile (Dj Davano's Fade Out Mix)

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