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Are MP3s melting our Vinyl? a DJ’s perspective

With Serato, Tractor, and other DJ software (combined with high quality MP3s) are we looking at the last leg for records as we know them? Will we all be staring into our computer screens instead of the crowd? Read more, and more pictures after the jump:

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Tonight! “Back In Da Days” at Deity

Last time was great! This time promices the same greatness. If you missed what happened last time, check it out! Tonight, along with DJ Peace and DJ Shark, DJ Chela will be guest DJing. She is the 2nd place winner of last years Winter Music Conference DJ Spin-off. Aka, she is good. Directions and more info after the jump:

Back in da Day at Diety

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Ok Go’s new video “This Too Shall Pass” is all Rube Goldburg. WOW!

What tops the treadmill video? How about a giant Rube Goldburg machine that is actually timed to the music that and has a part in the song. Yeah, that will do. More after the jump:

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How to handle Requests and a Tough Crowd

Lets face it, requests happen. As DJs, we deal with them in various ways, but mainly they are annoying and distracting to the flow of the mix. There are also the customers will only be angry and offer nothing, no request, they will just hate what they are hearing, even though the other 99% of the people there are dancing and loving it. Sometimes these people go away, but sometimes they do not and continue to harass you. So the question is... How do you handle all this? My story of an irate customer and more suggestions after the jump...

angry girl at club