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Ok Go’s new video “This Too Shall Pass” is all Rube Goldburg. WOW!

What tops the treadmill video? How about a giant Rube Goldburg machine that is actually timed to the music that and has a part in the song. Yeah, that will do. More after the jump:

OK Go video thumbnail

Apparently, until now, you could not embed any Ok Go's videos. This is strange due to the fact that their famous "Here is Goes Again" video was embed enabled and it spread across the internet like wild fire. So, this is kind of a big deal that we are able to embed it here.

Fans obviously were not happy to find out that their favorite internet music video sensations were not allowing them to embed the videos. Its basically totally backwards. They get famous and then restrict the exact thing that got them so much notoriety. So, what is the problem? Take a guess... Yep, the record company is to blame here. If a video is posted on YouTube, they can share the profit from the ads. But, if the video is embedded, the labels get no money form the viewing of the song. You can read the op-ed from DAMIAN KULASH Jr.l here at the NY Times, or read Gizmodo's republish Ok Go's open letter to their fans for more information on the subject.

But for now, enjoy this amazing video, its unbelievable!

Ok Go - "This Too Shall Pass"

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