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Scratch Live 2.0 full version, now available

The wait is over, no more buggy 2.0 beta. The full Scratch Live 2.0 is now available to download at Scratch Live's Forum page. It is free if you already own the software. Rane put this out early last week and quietly announced it on their site, no e-blast. But that is ok because there is a laundry list of new features. This is the biggest update in years and the upgrade inclused different ways to view your library, smart crates, and the big one; DJ Effects. All of the new features are listed and a video explaining the features after the jump:

Scratch Live 2.0

So, the list of features is below, but there is one HUGE feature that is not covered here. The Bridge. Is it included in this release? The answer, sadly is NO. That will be coming down the line on the next version of Scratch Live hopefully. It is rumored to be in the 2.1 version. That is going to be HUGE. I wonder if we start seeing more traditional DJs that use SSL + The Bridge start bringing in controlers to add to the 2 turntable setup. I know I am looking into a few options.


Here is the Video. I love the way this chick says "deck". I think i need to get my mind out of the gutter.

This is the short list of the new features. For the full explination of each new thing, visit the SSL Forum:
- Free DJ FX Plugin for Scratch Live - 2 FX units with 3 chained effects per unit. Create and save new effects with the effects editor.
- Free Aux Deck plugin for SL 3 users enables you to DJ with 3 decks.
- Free Serato Playlists plugin which allows you to share your sets online using your user profile, offline or as you play.
- Brand new Display Modes with a range of screen layouts to suit your style of performing and improve workflow.
- 4 different Library views including enhanced Album Art browsing for quick identification of your music.
- Build “Smart Crates” easily using keywords from your music library.
- Advanced File Management allows you to move or copy your tracks from and to external drives while keeping them in your library.

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