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The first iPad DJ? kinda…

UPDATE!!! After watching this video more closely, I think it might be a a fake to gain promotion for this girl or the iPad. If you clicked strait through to this article, click here to find out more.

I guess it depends on what your definition of DJing is. If you are thinking Two Turntables (or CDJ's), then you would be wrong. If you are thinking of a plethora of music making apps sort-of working together, then you would be more correct. She is doing something though! More info and video after the jump.

Fist of off, don't get too excited, these apps were made for the iPhone, so in theory, you could do this with 2 iPhones and a mixer too. It would be difficult to use on such a small screen, but the setup and use is exactly the same.

How is it hooked up?
She is running the audio out of the headphone jack on the iPad to RCA input to the mixer. The left iPad in the mixers left channel and the right in the right channel. Then the master is going out. In this video's case, its going into an Audio interface, so that she can record her sets in the computer. Really, your master out can go strait to speakers or any system. This makes the setup pretty basic but highly effective. I am not sure if it would sound good on a big system though.

What is she using?
Now, lets look at what exactly is going on here. She is using 2 iPads and a standard Numark mixer. The apps she is running are Groovemaker House, Looptastic HD, iDaft, AC-7 Pro, Pianist Pro, and Sonosaurus Rex. She can only use one app at a time (on each pad), but once one iPad is crossed over, she switches apps on the silenced iPad. Pretty clever really. I could see multi-tasking being useful here.

What do these apps do?
These programs basically allow you to make your own beats and loop them using the sounds that are built into the app you are using. They are sequencers, so you can adjust the BPMs of the song you are creating to match with what is playing on the other side. These are independent actions, nothing is linked between the iPads, in other words, the programs dont talk to each other (would be cool if they did). These programs also allow for effects to be put on the iPad you are using, the Looptastic program is like the Kaos Pad.

What does this not do?
As of right now, these programs do not link into your iTunes library. Therefor you cannot DJ in the traditional sense. If an app that let you play your entire music library and adjust the BPMs of the song, that would be amazing. Currently, there is no app for that. We all want one. I will try it. It wont replace my turntables, but it would be fun to experiment. A real DJ app would be an amazing addition to this iPad setup too. Right now, you could launch iTunes on one iPad and have the other iPad move its BPM to match the iTunes song. That is not too shabby, and could lead to some pretty cool remixes. Or, as i have seen many times before, just play iTunes on both iPads and mash the beats together, or do a bunch of drops, but you don't need two iPads for that. Again, you can use your iPhone or iPods for that. I have seen this being done is a few legit NY clubs too...

What she is doing is "creating" music on the fly from two sources, sometimes bringing in a song from some band (in this case Daft Punk, awesome), and everytime, train-wreaking. Can you call this DJing? This DJ would say defiantly not.

Either way, check out the video.

Rana Sobhany - iPad DJ

Her blog:

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  1. she keeps killing the beat, I’d like to see the theory in action!

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