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UPDATE!!! is “The first iPad DJ? kinda…” a FAKE?

UPDATE!!! After watching this video more closely, I think it might be a a fake to gain promotion for this girl for the iPad. You can watch the video on the origional post and see how its all hooked up here: "The first iPad DJ? kinda...". So what is the basis of my claim? I think this screen shot below says it all, but read on...

Ableton live screen shot








There are a couple big reasons that I think this video is either fake of from an amateur trying to gain fame. Lets start with the most obvious reasons.

Ok, take a look above. This is an Ableton Live screen shot. At about 2:24 in the video she says that she is using Logic to record her sets. Problem is, she is using Ableton here. Look at the gallery below. There is the same screen shot, a shot of what Logic looks like when recording, and a screen shot of her computer when she confidently says she is using logic. Take a look:

This is the first thing, and perhaps the biggest thing that discredits her ability. These two programs are very different in look and feel. She swipes her mousepad, to get out of the screen saver, looks at the computer then says she is using "Logic" to do her recordings. There is no way you could mistake these two programs. Maybe she made an honest mistake, or more likely, she is a noob that is using the iPad to become famous.

Lets look a bit deeper into this video.

At about 1:47 in the video, she is talking about what she can do with the mixer and she goes into an over-explanation on what the headphone cue is. It seems like this is a new thing to her and she is still getting used to it. Does not sound like any experianced DJ that I know. Even after only one month of playing, the headphone cue is nothing to explain.

At 2:29 in the video the guy asks how much this all costs.  She compares the iPad price tag to 2 CDJs a Laptop and Serato, saying that the cost of entry is much less for the iPad. Well, lets see, She says the iPad is about $1100 and the CDJ setup is about $3500. This is true, for the most part, but we all know that you can buy cheeper starter sets than $1100 (i got my first set for $700, back in the day, and that was pro gear). The problem is what you would do with two CDJs is completely different then what she is about to do in this video. Not to mention, she is comparing top of the line pro DJ equipment to apps you can play off your iPhone and only output through a headphone jack.

Right after, she does make a good point that these are developed for the iPhone. And points out that the future programs will be really cool. I am in agreement here, but we all know that some sort of app is coming in the future.

At 6:41 she is getting into a mix here. Explaining what she is doing. Doing something on the iPad on the left while the right is most of the audio. At 7:02 she adjusts the left iPad to get rid of some sounds, but it still looks like there is something playing here on the left, mixing in. At 7:14 she "solo"s her track pushing the fader to the left iPad. What happens is that the music is completely cut off. Nothing is playing on the iPad on the left and says "ok here we go", like its right. Then brings it back a bit so the one or the right is audible again. This is not ok. She corrects, but it still looks a bit iffy.

At 8:06 she throws in a new beat. It is supposed to be beat matched, but it did not quite come in right. When she crosses it over, its evident that its totally different.

At 9:13, she changes apps. This is where it gets funny. She takes the right iPad and pulls up iDaft, the Daft Punk app. At about 9:54, the app is launched and she is getting ready to do her mix. This is a big build up, I think. 10:37, the brings the Daft Punk song in. This was a FAIL. I know she is just doing a demo here, but come on! Oh, the Daft Punk fun is not over my friends. She continues with the song and app. It looks like fun, but she is hitting the pads out of sync with the music. Totally weak.

Oh, just noticed this, at 12:01 the video was edited, probably to remove some really bad pad hits. She starts to get giddy and her friend says he wants to take some mushrooms. Really? From a one daft punk song? Come one! This is some beginner shit here.

And another big one! At 12:21 she decides that she is going to throw over her other beat. She lets it mix for a second and then crosses it completely over. Saying "right?" Actually, NOPE! another FAILed mix. Not even close.

Wait for it, there is another FAILed mix right around the corner. at 14:00 the has a mix lined up. Right when its crossed over, its evident that the two songs are not matching, BUT, she seems unaware of it and is proud of what s happening here. She even says "and so for instance" to illustrate that they can mix together (this was said while it was train wreaking). This is really bad, and she keeps it going. Then her info is announced.

There i some more fluff, and then she shows some effects. This can maybe get you an idea of may come down the line.

I think she would be better off sticking to one iPad that will keep her music in sync. Once she even starts to "DJ", it is just done badly.

At 17:15, she starts to talk about the barriers of entry to this again. This really is anther thing that makes me think that this is only  a promotional thing. I am not saying Apple made this viral video, but it sure seems suspicious. Find an atractive young producer, get her a couple iPads, have her talk about how awesome DJing with them is and how in-expensive it is. What do you think?

Here are some examples of entry level packages to do what she is saying. You know "you dont have to be affraid of the barriers of entry. And they can just come in and just kinda mess around and learn about, for instance these ideas like BPMs and Beat Juggling and Beat MatchinG,  and all these things. Like, no one is going to go out and buy a huge DJ setup just to go experiment. But I think that iPad does really bridge the gap there." For $1100 plus the cost of apps? I dont think so. Here are some systems:  entry system, super basic $99, A really basic turntable setup $299, A better basic CD setup $299. How about pro setups? Yep, more expensive like she said, starting at about $2000 for 2 tables, mixer, needles, and headphones. Pro-CDJs would run you about $3200 or so. These pro setups are not including the computer. But, like she said, if you just wanna play around and learn, you should get something inexpensive. I would advise anyone that wants to be a DJ, do not buy the iPads. Do not blow $1100+ on this setup.

I think this is terrible. Yes, the advancements that the iPad could bring are amazing. What she is doing in this video is pretty interesting. But she is not DJing. I think this video was put out to advertise the iPad, directed at musicians, and wanna be musicians, to launch a "DJ" carrier of someone with little to no DJ experience at all.

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  1. Its an absolute shill if you look at her 2 blogs all she does is talk about the ipad, she is a marketer, its all bs to sell ipads

  2. Yeah, I was going to write a whole piece exposing her as a fraud, but its so easy to find out. Just google her name. Its no secret that its a sham and anyone that books her for a DJ gig should be ashamed of themselves.

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