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Right now! 200 Orchard St, nyc

Right now. Boo from Fleetweek is playing at 200 Orchard in the Lower East Side. The party is heating up and the music is all Rock! Its a one off, so come out before it's over!

From EC (cute chick at the at the bar, from Boston) "it ain't electro, but I love it!!!"

Boo from Fleetweek

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DJ Shu-T rumored in San Antonio for DMC

Shu-T did not take the DMC title in NY a few weeks ago. So... DJ Shu-T did what any self respecting battle DJ would do, registered to compete again, disappeared, and (as rumor has it) went into full practice mode. Actually, the DMC competition in NY is the last time anyone saw DJ Shu-T. Speculation was that he was locked in his room diligently practicing day and night, living only on Red Bull and Pringles. But, today he was spotted in Texas, assuming he is here for tomorrow's DMC. Was that actually him? Will he take the championship tomorrow night? I don't know, but i know where im putting my money! More to come on this developing story... ... ...



Come on out! The sunburnt cow will be fun tonight!  You got Color TV (me), Shu-T, and DJ Peace on the wheelz, and that means while we are on the wheelz you will be on the dance floor getting your groove on! Not to mention the bar deal that they have ($20 all you can drink for 2 hrs, what??? in NY??? yes!!!). Its going to be a party now, all night long!

Sunburnt Cow is on Avenue C between 8 and 9th st. on the West side of the street. Click for all the details:

DJ Peace at the Sunburnt Cow


2010 DMC East Coast Winners

The DMC in NY was off the hook. There were many good competitors, including NYC Electro's DJ Shu-T (who did not win, too bad).  The performances from DJ Excess and DJ Shiftee were off the chain. Excess, who teaches at The Scratch DJ Academy, is one of the best scratch DJs out there and is a great teacher. He has taught me a few things too.  And Shiftee, who also teaches at DubSpot here in the city, won the DMC World Championship last year.  Click through for this years winners and videos from the winners:

Shu-T at 2010 DMC


TODAY! 2010 East Coast DMC Championship @ Santos

It snuck up on me, but the 2010 DMC is today at 4pm! Its at Santos Party House here in NY. Last year NY's own DJ Shiftee won the world wide title. He is sick! This year, he will be judging and doing an expo. Also, this year, NYC Electro's own DJ Shu-T will be competing. There will also be other acts and famous judges there. Click through for the full description and videos:

2010 DMC



Due to the fact that Jazzy J will be playing on Friday at Diety, I decided to post this oooooold video. So, if you wanna learn how to scratch, here is a good place to start. I just hope that one day you can be as good as Pippi. Click through for the video:

How to scratch with Jazzy J


Tractor Scratch VS Serato Scratch

Qbert recently did a video comparing Tractor Scratch and Serato Scratch Live vs. real Vinyl. The results were pretty much the same, as you might think, with some slight differences. recently took a closer look into what platform is better: Serato or Tractor? Here is their post (with Qbert's Video):

Trkator Scratch VS Serato

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Friday, May 14th: “Back in da Days Vol.8″ @ Deity

Once again, "Back in da Days" at Deity is about to pop off! This party always promises to be the jam! This time we got Jeru The Damaja coming through and Jazzy J laying beats. Last time that Jeru was there, he did an impromptu performance too. More info and an awesome video after the jump:

Back in da Days Vol.8


iPad, why can’t you edit my ID3 tags?

Its the subject everyone is talking about, the iPad. For many people, its a revolution. For me, its just a big iPhone/iPod Touch (more of the iPod Touch cause it does not make calls). For music and for digital (serato/tractor) DJ's, there is one thing I wish it could do. I, quite frankly, am surprised it is unable to do this task. What is it? ID3 tag editing. Thats right, you are unable to edit or alter and of your ID3 tags! More info after the jump:

iTunes on the iPad

iTunes on the iPad