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iPad, why can’t you edit my ID3 tags?

Its the subject everyone is talking about, the iPad. For many people, its a revolution. For me, its just a big iPhone/iPod Touch (more of the iPod Touch cause it does not make calls). For music and for digital (serato/tractor) DJ's, there is one thing I wish it could do. I, quite frankly, am surprised it is unable to do this task. What is it? ID3 tag editing. Thats right, you are unable to edit or alter and of your ID3 tags! More info after the jump:

iTunes on the iPad

iTunes on the iPad

Thats right, the iPad cannot edit your ID3 tags, or song information at all! You can create playlists, but thats the only function and is not super useful. Personally, I have moved away from using iTunes playlists and use Serato playlists to become more mobile with my portable hard drive. But I still use iTunes to organise and correctly tag my songs.

Correctly tagging songs is essential to any DJ's mp3 library. The more information in the song's info, the better. Song Name, Artist, Album Artist, BPM, Year, Genera, Bit Rate, and Album Art are all essential. Sometimes you dont have all the info, but the Song Name and Album Artist is number one, ichban.

Anyone that has ever gotten songs from friends, CDs, Vinyl, or other ways, knows the the file info is usually missing, or incomplete, or completely wrong. This makes finding and playing the song hard to impossible. Lots of my time is spent making sure the songs in my playlists are correctly tagged. It is very time consuming and tedious work. Any serato/tractor DJ shares my pain.

So, what would be great? Being able to edit the song info on the run. The iPad would be perfect for this. Unfortunately, you cannot go into the file info at all. It would be perfect to sit on the train or bus or carpool in the morning/evening commute and make these changes on a portable devise. The iPhone/Touch are too small, and a laptop is too big for a busy commute. I would probably buy an iPad if it were capable of editing the ID3 tags of your library. I am tired of using the time at home that I could be practicing, just to properly edit my song information.

So... Apple! Please add in this functionality! We need to edit the song info on the go. DJ's and regular consumers alike! We want our song files to be accurate and we do not want to sit around the house to edit them in our free time. (also, put in a front facing camera while you are at it.)

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  1. Editing tags is a major pain indeed! It’s like doing homework that never ends!

  2. I know!!! Super annoying. Hopefully, in the future, we will be like “remember when we used to have to add tags to every song?” It will be like now when we say “remember when we used to have to bring hundreds of lbs of records to gigs?” 😉 One can hope!

  3. I completely, wholeheartedly, absolutely agree with your comment. For a company that is supposed to be so cool and cutting edge, they sure are afraid to give their users the most basic of controls.

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