NYC Electro

2010 DMC East Coast Winners

The DMC in NY was off the hook. There were many good competitors, including NYC Electro's DJ Shu-T (who did not win, too bad).  The performances from DJ Excess and DJ Shiftee were off the chain. Excess, who teaches at The Scratch DJ Academy, is one of the best scratch DJs out there and is a great teacher. He has taught me a few things too.  And Shiftee, who also teaches at DubSpot here in the city, won the DMC World Championship last year.  Click through for this years winners and videos from the winners:

Shu-T at 2010 DMC

2010 DMC East Coast Results
1st: Cysko Rokwel (Lakewood CO)
2nd: DJ Supreme (from somewhere on the East Coast)
3rd: DJ Solo (Linden NJ)

2010 DMC Battle for US Supremacy Results
1st: DJ Solo (Linden NJ)
2nd: Cysko Rokwel (Lakewood CO)

So there you have it! DJ Solo was awesome! I think that he was world supremacy runner up in 2009, so this year he will probably take the championship. Cysko Rokwel was so tight and his battle sets were def that of a champ. I was expecting someone from NY to take the 6 minute champ, but Cysko from Colorado killed it.

They were NOT letting people take video, but some people were able to get away with it. Here are as many videos as I could find so far.

Here is Cysco Rockwel's World Champ qualifying set:

This is Cysco Rockwel's Supremecy qualifying set:

DJ SOLO DMC 2008 USA Supremacy Finals:

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  1. Thanks for announcing that we were not letting people film because it is true.
    We have our own camera guy filming and reserve the right to put out the footage
    from the event that we worked so hard to put together. If the filmer does not have permission from the DJ and DMC – they had no right to be filming. We love it that everyone is excited about the battle but it’s important to respect the promoter and the artist and his/her rights first. We would be happy to provide you with professional footage if you wont post the amateur unauthorized stuff. Hit me up!

  2. Hey Christie!
    Thanks so much for posting. Also, thanks so much for organizing all the DMC competitions. I would much rather post the official videos. Please contact me and we will work it out.

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