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How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 4: Plug and Play (literally)

If you have been following along then you have already done about 95% of the work here. This is the final part of this 4-part series. And it is, by far, the easiest part to follow. You are going to create some playlists, aka Crates, in Serato that will be accessible to your computer and every other computer with Serato installed. Click through for the instructions...

Creating Crates


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable drive

Time to Move your Serato library to your new portable drive.

So, lets do a quick re-cap. You have bought your new drive, backed up your music to a different drive, and moved your music via iTunes to the new portable drive you plan on gigging with. You did that right?

Ok, now its time to move your Scratch Live Library to your new drive without losing any cue points, loops or crates, etc.

Ready? Lets go... click to read more:

Move your Library


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 2.5: Why letting iTunes manage your library is best.

After writing part 2, I realized that some people did not realize the power of letting iTunes organize your library for you. I will try to explain here as to why it is much better than managing your file folder structure yourself. Click through to read more:

iTunes organization? Those are big words...


How to Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable HD

You have bough your spanking new portable hard drive. If you did not read part 1 on what to buy, click here and catch up. Now its time to move your music library. If you organize your own files and folders, its easy, just move your music library folder to the root of the new drive, point iTunes to the new drive, and you are done. But, i highly suggest that you let iTunes manage your music this is definitely the best way to have your music organized (I switched to this way about 2.5 years ago and will NEVER go back to organizing my files myself). If you are using iTunes to organize your music library (suggested), this its only a bit more complicated, but in the end, much better.

But before you do any of that, there are a couple of set-up steps you should take with the new drive for maximum compatibility across multiple operating systems.

Click through to continue reading... Also look for Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drive, 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable, and 4: Plug and Play (literally).

Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable HD:

Transfer iTunes to your HD


How to: Make Your Music Library Truly Portable – Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drive

I am sure you have been there: Its your turn to DJ but first must go through the clumsy act of switching computers with the other guy. That requires putting on some filler record that usually is not the perfect transition song. Well, there is an easier way! Put your music on a portable hard drive, plug it into the existing laptop and BOOM, all of your Serato crates are there and ready to play. (Assuming the other guy lets you use his computer, its best when DJing with friends.)

The concept is simple, but setting it up is not that easy, especially if you have always kept your music on your computer. Well, its time to evolve and move to a more portable solution.

In this 4 part series, we will look at Part 1: Buying the Portable Hard Drives, Part 2: Moving your iTunes Library to your new portable (if you use iTunes), Part 2.5: Why you should let iTunes organize your music library, Part 3: Moving your Serato Files to the new portable, and 4: Plug and Play (literally).

Part 1 - Buying the Portable Hard Drive: click to continue reading:

Hard Drives


Novation “DICER” – Serato Midi Controller

There are many midi controllers out there that can easly control Serato Scratch Live, but none that come setup out of the box for Serato, until now. Novation's DICER is the first, out of the box, midi controller made specifically for Serato. Pretty much all the Serato controls you would want to manipulate are already mapped with Dicer. Yes, it adds more cords and USB usage to your gear, but if you are already are using a midi controller its not a big deal (just remember to pack them in your bag at the end of the night).

DICER integrates right on your turntable's 45 adapter and comes with some "dj putty" to help stick to another player like your CDJs. Note, as of today, the product is not yet available, but once it is, the price point will be about $99 USD, and this should be soon. Not too bad considering you get 2 controllers (a total of 60 midi controls). Click through for more description and some videos of this thing in use:

Novation's Dicer Controller


DJ with the iPad as a Midi Controller

If you want to hook up your iPhone or iPad as a wireless midi controller, you can. The app has been available for over a year and is called Touch OSC and OSCulator. If you downloaded these before, as I did, you probably hit a wall and was unable to hook these up properly. Well, we are in luck because Dubspot has done a video tutorial on how to hook these up. Its pretty complicated, so be sure to pay attention and even bookmark this page.

Can you DJ with the iPad??? That is the question. This is using the iPad as your midi controller to DJ with Ableton, or any other computer based midi program. You could use this to control Serato Scratch live too (at least the midi mappable controls). Check the video below, and click through for all four tutorial videos:

Tutorial 1:


DMC, San Antonio Results

Its official, the US qualifying rounds for this year's DMC are over, and it ended at Sam's Burger Joint in beautiful San Antonio, TX. This show was relaxed compared to the NY qualifying round, but that is not to say the DJs got soft. DJs from across the country came out to flex their skills and they all threw down! DJ Shiftee and DJ Manilla Ice were there showing their stuff and judging. It was a good battle! NYC electro's own DJ Shu-T battled, and we will have video of that here (soon). Click through for the complete list and pictures of everyone that was at the battle...

DJ Shu-T