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DMC, San Antonio Results

Its official, the US qualifying rounds for this year's DMC are over, and it ended at Sam's Burger Joint in beautiful San Antonio, TX. This show was relaxed compared to the NY qualifying round, but that is not to say the DJs got soft. DJs from across the country came out to flex their skills and they all threw down! DJ Shiftee and DJ Manilla Ice were there showing their stuff and judging. It was a good battle! NYC electro's own DJ Shu-T battled, and we will have video of that here (soon). Click through for the complete list and pictures of everyone that was at the battle...

DJ Shu-T

Here are all the competitors in order that they competed:

Expo #1: Manilla Ice

Competing DJs:

DJ BK Miller
DJ A-Kid
DJ Birds
DJ Frankie Dkues
DJ Steal
DJ Gravel
DJ Jeff C
DJ JP Guns (father of A-Kid)
DJ Ramo
DJ Ninja
DJ 717
DJ Shu-T
DJ Don Santos
DJ Spanks

Final 6th:
DJ Ramos
DJ Don Santos
DJ JP Guns
DJ Steal
DJ 717
DJ Jeff C

Expo #2: DJ Shiftee

1st place: DJ Steal
2nd place: Jeff C
3rd place: DJ 717

Also, stay tuned for the DMC finals in NYC coming up soon. We will post the date as soon as its announced.

Enjoy all the pics:

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