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DJ with the iPad as a Midi Controller

If you want to hook up your iPhone or iPad as a wireless midi controller, you can. The app has been available for over a year and is called Touch OSC and OSCulator. If you downloaded these before, as I did, you probably hit a wall and was unable to hook these up properly. Well, we are in luck because Dubspot has done a video tutorial on how to hook these up. Its pretty complicated, so be sure to pay attention and even bookmark this page.

Can you DJ with the iPad??? That is the question. This is using the iPad as your midi controller to DJ with Ableton, or any other computer based midi program. You could use this to control Serato Scratch live too (at least the midi mappable controls). Check the video below, and click through for all four tutorial videos:

Tutorial 1:

Tutorial 2:

Tutorial 3:

Tutorial 4:

random screen shot for sharing:

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