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Novation “DICER” – Serato Midi Controller

There are many midi controllers out there that can easly control Serato Scratch Live, but none that come setup out of the box for Serato, until now. Novation's DICER is the first, out of the box, midi controller made specifically for Serato. Pretty much all the Serato controls you would want to manipulate are already mapped with Dicer. Yes, it adds more cords and USB usage to your gear, but if you are already are using a midi controller its not a big deal (just remember to pack them in your bag at the end of the night).

DICER integrates right on your turntable's 45 adapter and comes with some "dj putty" to help stick to another player like your CDJs. Note, as of today, the product is not yet available, but once it is, the price point will be about $99 USD, and this should be soon. Not too bad considering you get 2 controllers (a total of 60 midi controls). Click through for more description and some videos of this thing in use:

Novation's Dicer Controller

This thing can control many basic functions of Scratch Live, right out of the box. These include:

Hot Cue Mode (red pads): You can set and trigger up to 5 cue points.

Loop Roll (green pads): From 1 beat down to 1/16th beat loop rolls. I use these all the time on the computer, so the controller will totally help.

Auto Loop (orange buttons): Use the auto loop function with the touch of one button.

Here is a diagram of the controls:

the mappable Dicer controls

The extra 2 user defined areas allow you to program any other midi mappable function into the controller. Thats an extra 10 controls on each Dicer. Not to shabby.

Some people in the demo videos i have seen use them for effects and selecting your tracks. Personally, i think they might be good for effects and especially good for using the SP-4 Sampler.


DJ Tech Tools' Ean Goldan basically came up with this idea and he writes about its creation in this article on The DJ Tech Tools site. Its a good read.

Below are some of the promotional videos and review videos:

Novation Dicer Serato Scratch Live DJ Controller - first look

JFB: UK DMC Champion 2007:

Dicer Promo Video

This is Dubspot's Video on the Dicer:

Last but definitely not least, DJ Tech Tool's video.

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