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Aug 7th, 2010 DMC USA Finals, Santos Party House NYC

After many months of touring around the US, the DMC is wrapping up its US competition and heading back to NYC where the regional DJ finalists will settle the score and see who is the best US. The winner gets flown to London to compete for the world finals and the Golden Technics 1200's turntables.

I highly recommend coming to this event. If you are a DJ, its a must. If you are even mildly interested or curious, come out and you will not be disappointed. Also, typically, the US finalist goes on to win the entire competition. Last year, NY's own DJ Shiftee brought home the title. Now he is a house hold name among DJs. Full event details, after the jump:

DMC 2010 Flyer


TONIGHT! Turntable Sessions in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Tonight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn its Turntable Sessions, hosted by DJ Peace. There are two other amazing DJs supplying the tunes, DJ Jami and DJ IXL. DJ Jami is a 2 time DMC World Champ. DJ IXL is is from the store Turntable Lab and also an amazing turntablist. The event is completely free and its at Savalas on Bedford.

From the promoter:
"Turntable Sessions" A Night of HIPHOP with Reggae&Funk&Soul&Disco&Underground. More event info, directions and videos after the jump:

Turntable Sessions


What a week! DJ Color TV’s b-day week.

If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed that this week was without new posts. Its not because there have been nothing happening, its actually the complete opposite. This last week was so jam packed with events, there was too much to do! So lets take a quick wrap up of all that happened.

This past Saturday night, yours truly, DJ Color TV had a b-day. There was a big house party where I was playing along side of some other fantastic NYC DJs. On deck was DJ Lobotomy, DJ Philly B, myself, and Boo from Fleetweek. The party was packed and the people were dancing. This party was the first in a series of events for this past week, and it capped off on thursday night with DJ J-Smoke, Mr Sinister, and more.

Oh and tonight is Turntable Sessions hosted by DJ Peace. There will be a new post for that though.

from the left: DJ Philly B, Lobotomy, DJ Color TV

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Z-Trip at the Need For Speed promo event

As the previous post stated, there was the promo party in NY for the Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit. DJ Roxy Cotton Tail held down the first half of the night. I must say, she was alright, but was completely overshadowed by Z-Trip. He is the man! If you don't already know his style, he really pushes the limits. Scratching, Juggling, using a sampler, all while rocking the dance floor better than any other DJ I can think of. The event was off the hook!

Also, Lil John, Pusha T of Clipse, and Pharelle were among the other guests. And you cannot forget about the cars and the hot car models.

Dj Z-Trip

More Pics after the jump:


TONIGHT! DJ Z-Trip @ Classic Car Club in NYC

Tonight is going to be off the hook. DJ Z-Trip is playing at the Classic Car Club in NYC for the Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit tour. The admission is free and the drinks are free. You do have to be on the VIP list, and I am. The event is most likely sold out. Click through for all the info and how to register:

DJ Z-Trip, Need For Speed Tour

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Novation Dicer, now available!

Not entirely sure the exact date it became available, but it looks like the stores started shipping on July 7th. Keep your eyes on for a full review of this produce. We will be getting the Dicer today if possible. Click here to view the original Dicer post with 5 videos.

Click through to for links on where to buy and the full product description.

Novation Dicer


Tonight!!! Mr Sinister at club Deity

Tonight! Mr Sinister at Deity. It's on Altanitc ave in Brooklyn. It's from 10pm till 4am. Currently, I'm posting this from my mobile, so search the site for the directions.

The party tonight is going to be great. If u have been there for the Other Back in da Days parties, then u know the deal. Come out, meet hip-hop legends, dance, and drink. You can't go wrong.

Back in da Days v10


Serato Tip of the Week: Analyze Your Files

This weekend, I was speaking to a DJ friend of mine who uses Serato, and I realized that there are many features and tips I can share. This particular situation, my friend was unaware that Serato could auto BPM the files. This happens when you analyze your files. There are few crucial reasons that you want to make sure all of your files are analyzed, one is the fact that it detects your BPM. In this article, I will explain the reasons why and how to go about doing this.  Click through to get all the info:

Tip: Analyze Your Files


celebrate you indepenDANCE, July 4th, 10pm till… at LIT

Come get your dance-on after you get your boom-on on July 4th. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, will be spinning all night long with's own DJ Shu-T and Dj Lazor. We will be rocking all night, hitting you with the best booty shaking music to celebrate the 4th the only way we know how.

The party is at LIT, on 2nd ave between 5th and 6th, and its from 10pm till 4am. More details after the jump:

celebrate your indepenDANCE at LIT