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Novation Dicer, now available!

Not entirely sure the exact date it became available, but it looks like the stores started shipping on July 7th. Keep your eyes on for a full review of this produce. We will be getting the Dicer today if possible. Click here to view the original Dicer post with 5 videos.

Click through to for links on where to buy and the full product description.

Novation Dicer

You can find it at some very trusted stores like B&H Photo, that place is amazing if you have ever been there, if not, then go there. You can order online, but the store is in New York city on 9th Ave and 34th st.

You can also find it at Sam Ash and Sweetwater. I thought that would have it, but they dont have it on their site as of this writing. They will be getting it soon though. TurntableLabs store is also very cool, more of the DJ's store. Its on 7th St, on the south side of the street, and is close to 1st ave.

Here is the product description (from B&H)

Full Serato Integration
Scratch Live is so much more than mixing digital music. Its creative features such as cueing and looping, take DJ performance to a totally new level. Dicer unlocks these features by putting them right at your fingertips while you're mixing. Dicer's 3 "mode" buttons allow you to jump between 3 different performance modes.
Right Where You Need It
Dicer fixes solidly to Technics 1200/1210 turntables. An attachment enables you to drop them into the 45-adapter slot so they sit squarely in the corner of the turntable. Dicer also comes with re-usable "DJ Putty" that will stick Dicer firmly to CDJs, laptops, mixers - or any hard surface. The putty is strong enough to withstand tough treatment, so even with more vigorous performances Dicer will stay exactly where you put it.
Control Anything
In Serato Scratch Live, as well as the three main modes, there are 2 additional "layers" of the 5 pads, on which you can control other functions in your software (a total of 20 controls across a pair of Dicers).
Compatible with Other DJ Software
Although Dicer has been designed to integrate with Serato, it also works with other DJ software. Setup files for Traktor Scratch and Traktor Scratch Pro are available online. These files assign Dicer's controls to various functions, including Cueing, Play/Stop, Looping, FX and browsing. For other DJ Software, you can use the software's own MIDI mapping function. A pair of Dicers give you a total of 60 MIDI controls.
Performance Buttons with Visual Feedback
Backlit, multi-color, soft touch "dice" buttons, provide immediate LED feedback from Serato Scratch Live software.
Default Setup for Serato Scratch Live
Dicer is pre-programmed to take advantage of the cue point and looping functions in Serato Scratch Live, including "Hot Cues", "Auto Roll" and "Loop Roll".
Works with All Major DJ Software
Dicer is fully MIDI assignable, so it can be set up to control almost any software, including Traktor Scratch Pro. Up to 60 assignable MIDI controls are available from a pair of Dicers.
USB Bus-Powered
Dicer gets all the power it needs from a single USB cable, with no need for an external power supply. A mini Jack cable transmits power and data to the second Dicer.
A Fully Cass Compliant MIDI Device
The Dicer is a plug and play device, so no need to install any drivers.

Novation Dicer

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