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UPDATE (with photos): THIS FRIDAY @ SOLAS – 80s Madness – with DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor

Its time to get your 80's-on with NYCelectro's own DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor at Solas in the East Village, NYC (9th st, between 2nd and 3rd ave). It will be this Friday, Sept 3rd, from 10pm to 4am. And it will be 80's all night long. By the end of the night, you will be asking the girls (or guys) to get out of your dreams and to get into your car! Beacsue nobody does it better than DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor. I know the Freaks will come out this night to bust a move. So come get celebrate and lets dance. The first person to dance on the ceiling will get to rock steady with me, DJ Color TV at the casbah. Come on, take a chance on me and you will be young forever, time after time. Click through for more details and RSVP link.

80s Mania, @ Solas with DJ Lazor and Color TV


Fat Beats NY Store is Shutting Their Doors this week

It is a sad state of affairs, the NYC Fat Beats store will be closing thir doos this Saturday. But that is not to say they are not going out with a bang! Everyday this week, all through Saturday, they will be having Artists/DJs coming out to talk and perform. Artists from rising NY rapper Homeboy Sandman to superstars like DJ Premier and Pete Rock will be in the store doing their thing and showing their support for Fat Beats. Its like a free show that lasts all week. Check out the flyer and click through for full details/schedule on who will be performing.

Fat Beats last week Flyer


Rock the Bells – Show wrap-up (tons of Videos and Pics)

This past Saturday, as you already know from the post before, the 7th annual "Rock The Bells" concert happened. First things first, it was off the hook! The artists were called to do, from cover to cover, one of their classic albums. No one completelly stuck to the format, and some threw it out the window, but overall it was a very special event. These artists never really do their album hits on stage, just the most popular songs. It was quite a treat and all the hip-hop stars were there (either making a cameo on stage or just watching). had VIP passes, so click through for more pics, videos, and complete coverage of the event.

Rock The Bells VIP Pass


This SATURDAY – Rock the Bells concert on Governor’s Island

This is the 7th annual "Rock the Bells" hip-hop festive. This year the lineup is insane! Snoop, Rakin, KRS, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and more. The crazy thing is, they are all performing their most famous albums strait through. This will be the best hip-hop show ever! Its Saturday the 28th in NY, and Sunday the 29th in DC. If you live anywhere close to those places, you must go! Click through for the details and locations:


DJ Shiftee for America’s Best DJ 2010 (with videos)

DJ Shiftee, if you don't know about him, then you should. He is the 2007 DMC Battle for World Supremecy champion (2 minute head to head routines, posted below), and the 2009 World DJ Champion (6 minute battle routines, also posted below). He has the gold turntables, and hes got mad skill. This year, he is up for America's best DJ, and I think he has go the skills to earn that title. His 2010 campaign video (parts 1 and 2), party routine, and other videos are all after the jump:

DJ Shiftee for 2010 Best DJ


“The Bridge”, now available for Public BETA (with video)

The wait is over. If you have the latest version of Serato and Ableton 8 (both need to be registered products) then you can start testing "The Bridge". If you missed the stories on what this program can do, click here, and here, but I will sum it up. "The Bridge" is basically Ableton Live running inside of Serato and its FREE if you already own both Ableton 8 and Serato. It also makes Serato the ultimate mixtape tool. If you have been craving multitrack recordings, it can do that, all while keeping any applied effects and fader adjustments all non destructive and editable. But you do need the Rane TTM-57 or the Rane Sixty-Eight for the extra controls (any mixer can do the multitrack recording, bonus!). More pics, info, download links, and video links after the jump:

Ableton + Serato = The Bridge


Emulator – multitouch Midi controller – with video

At the beginning of this week, people were freaking out about this video (below) of what seemed to be a huge multi touch Tractor interface. That basically is what it is, however, its a bit more useful than that. All the videos so far are of this thing running Tractro, but Emulator is just a Midi controller, so the sky is the limit... But there is a catch, read on...

Emulator on big screen


DMC USA 2010 Final – the results (UPDATED)

The show was amazing. This year, the DMC brought back one of the original organizers to put on this show and it really made a difference. Each competitor was ready for battle, but some were obviously better than others. However, that does not mean the crowd favorite won. The winners, and more pictures, after the jump...



Novation Dicer, a video review by DJ Color TV

As promised, below is the video review of Novation's Dicer midi controller for Serato Scratch Live. These things are durable and snappy. There, from what I can tell, zero latency and they work great. You need Serato 2.1 to use them and as of now, it is only in public beta. This beta version is buggy, so I do not recommend using this version of serato at a gig.

Either way, these Dicers are really easy to use and will be a good addition to any Serato DJ. Links to Serato 2.1, the DIcer unboxing pictures, and video are after the jump:

Dicer unboxing 2


TODAY, DMC US Finals, Santos Party House, Doors at 4pm!

I know you already know about from the post below, this is just a reminder the DMC US finals are here today. Its going down in NYC at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St, just south of Canal. Its from 4pm to 10pm. I am willing to bet nothing will actually start till 6pm, but there WILL BE A LINE, so get there early.

Click on the image below, or this line for full event details.