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Novation Dicer, a video review by DJ Color TV

As promised, below is the video review of Novation's Dicer midi controller for Serato Scratch Live. These things are durable and snappy. There, from what I can tell, zero latency and they work great. You need Serato 2.1 to use them and as of now, it is only in public beta. This beta version is buggy, so I do not recommend using this version of serato at a gig.

Either way, these Dicers are really easy to use and will be a good addition to any Serato DJ. Links to Serato 2.1, the DIcer unboxing pictures, and video are after the jump:

Dicer unboxing 2

The video and unboxing are below. Here is the link to the Serato 2.1 Public Beta. As of this post, this Beta is on Version 2.1 (21056). So scroll all the way to the bottom of the page on Serato's site and you will see the Mac and Windows download links. Once again, I highly suggest not using this version at a gig. Follow the instructions on the Serato site on how to version and back up your SSL before getting this new version. You will need it.

Once you get all that installed and running, you should be able to easily use these controllers. I was able to get them up and running in only a few minutes, and that time was mainly spent deciding where I want the wires to run. Once you start in Serato 2.1 beta, you should be able to hit the ground running and use the controllers with no problem.


Novation Dicer Review by DJ Color TV (it takes a second to load in, if you cannot view it, click here, or hit refresh)

Check out these older posts for more demo videos of the dicer controller, and for the full product description, click here.

Below are the unboxing pictures:

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