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DMC USA 2010 Final – the results (UPDATED)

The show was amazing. This year, the DMC brought back one of the original organizers to put on this show and it really made a difference. Each competitor was ready for battle, but some were obviously better than others. However, that does not mean the crowd favorite won. The winners, and more pictures, after the jump...


Sometimes, with the DMC, it can feel like it goes on forever. This year was definitely different. In the past, sometimes there was a qualifying round and a final. This year, there was only one final round. So each person put out their best set from the start. For some reason, the competitors' skill and the order they played seemed directly linked. At first, the DJs were nervous and some train wreaks were on the stage, but the DMC is nerve-wracking. Then DJ Supreme got on the set and tore the house down! A bit later DJ Steel got on, and a few people after, the last DJ played, DJ Etronik. If you are folowing what I am saying, then you know who got 3rd, 2nd, and 1st.
UUpdate from the DMC US organizer, Christie Z: The DJs played in order of how they ranked/scored in their regional battles. The highest scoring person was set to play last. The only DJ that went out of order was DJ Concept, who asked to go first.

So after the competition, they tallied the results. Durrign this process, DJ Shiftee played a few sets, one including a tribute to America (I would post a video, but I was asked not to by the main promoter, gotta give her respect). Once he was done, the results were in:
1st place: DJ Etronik
2nd place: DJ Steel
and 3rd place: Grand Master Supreme

When Supreme got third, the crowd was boo'ing because he had the best crowd response. He did a lot of old school tricks, like body tricks and using his elbows and spinning around, but he was great! I heard that the reason he did not win is because those tricks will not be good enough to win the world championship. But, I am telling you right now, his set was crazy! If you know your DMC history, you know Supreme was the 1999 DMC champ (19 years before, according to Red Alert on stage). So, those old school tricks was just his style. He probably invented most of them.
Update from the DMC US organizer, Christie Z: Supreme is actually not a 1999 champ (i was guessing he was a regional champ or something), but he actually is the 2009 DMC US Supremacy Champ and the New Music Seminar DJ Battle Champ.

So that brings it to Etronik and Steel. Let me start by saying that most of the DJs up there had noticeably shaky hands. Etronik and Steel, did not! They both looked so calm and composed, as if they have been here doing this forever and it really showed through. It was a close call, but Etronik pulled it out! Congrats to them and everyone that competed, it takes so much practice and also lots of balls to do it on stage in front of tons of other DJs.

Here is Etronik at the Guitar Center Finals

some photos (the good ones) are fromĀ
Update from the DMC US organizer, Christie Z: Hip-hop's first photographer, Joe Conzo, took most of, maybe all, of the close up pictures. And mad props go out to the other photographers. I, DJ Color TV, took the far away/crowd shots.

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  1. yeah supreme definately had the best response. i can understand the response to pressure being the motivating factor behind the decisions, but i think it was a bit odd. I would have liked to see the judges scorecards or notes afterwards, or at least to have heard what they had to say on the issue.

  2. Yeah, I would like to see the scorecards too, or hear their decision process. I do happen to know that the Judges are very good themselves and I am sure that they decided fairly. I am sure it was a close call.

  3. Here are all the competetors (not in order of appearance):

    CONCEPT: Cape Coral FL – Faderballistix – 2010 DMC New Orleans Champ
    Dj NOTCH: Denver CO – Educated Figures – 2010 DMC Denver Champ
    CYSKO ROKWEL: Denver CO – Crunk Bros. & 3 the Hardway – 2010 DMC East Coast Champ
    DJ ETRONIK: Pico Rivera CA – 2010 DMC West Coast Champ & 2006 DMC US Supremacy Champ
    STEEL: Lakewood NJ – Brick Bandits Crew – 2010 DMC San Antonio Champ

    DJ SWIFT: New Haven CT/Rembert SC – 2010 DMC New Orleans Runner Up
    SKIP RIPKIN: Denver CO – Fresh Breath Committee – 2010 DMC Denver Runner Up
    GRANDMASTER SUPREME: Center of the Universe – 2009 DMC US Supremacy Champ
    DJ IMAGE: Inglewood CA – The Midnight Bombers – 2010 DMC West Coast Runner Up
    JEFF C: Fort Collins CO – Carpal Clique – 2010 DMC San Antonio Runner Up

    JUYADEK: Huntington Beach CA – Stokyo – Special invited 2010 DMC West Coast 3rd Place
    B*MONEY: Denver CO – Special invited 2010 DMC Denver CO 3rd Place

  4. Here are the Judges:

    Billy Jam (Hip Hop Slam),
    Mista-B (09 DMC USA Vice Champ)
    DMC USA Champions:
    DJ Precision (2007),
    DJ Slyce (1997 + 2008)
    DJ Roli Rho (5th Platoon)

  5. Peace!!

    Check out interviews with the judges here at We are working now, on a more exact judging criteria for next year and getting feedback from the battle DJs on what they should be judged on. It used to be that the judges would make their own elaborate point systems with decimals etc. and then never want to add everything up at the end. So we – regardless of all the notation that judges make during the battle – ask them to clearly indicate their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place DJs. From there 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd Place gets 2 points and 3rd place gets 1 point.

    I just got this quote from Fabel (Rock Steady Crew/Tools of War) on the pros and cons of the crowd judging a battle:

    Pro to crowd judging a battle: “As an artist you should be able to captivate an audience and gain their support.”

    Con to crowd judging a battle: “The downside is that sometimes the audience isn’t knowledgeable on the true essence of the artform and might be taken by only the use of crowd pleasing tricks vs real skill and substantial artistry.”

    I think that DJ David’s win at the DMC World Finals against Qbert while using a hand glide on top of the turntables is a great example of how a body trick can influence a whole battle. But in the US – that win left a lot of battle DJs on the West Coast – not feeling body tricks AT ALL for a long time – even to present!

    I am not an original DMC US coordinator – Rosie Lopez who is now with Tommy Boy Records, coordinated long before me. Chris Tropiano was also before me. I am not sure who else. I was there from 1998-2000 and then I returned in 2008 to present.

    Christie Z
    DMC USA event coordinator

  6. It’s a bit late but many thanks for posting all of that. I understand the problems with letting the crowd choose, and simply wanted to see what those who know more than I do picked up. Happy to know you all are open with information. Also, I like the fact that you continue to evolve, inviting turntablism when it came to be and now digital DJing while it takes a stronghold.

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