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Emulator – multitouch Midi controller – with video

At the beginning of this week, people were freaking out about this video (below) of what seemed to be a huge multi touch Tractor interface. That basically is what it is, however, its a bit more useful than that. All the videos so far are of this thing running Tractro, but Emulator is just a Midi controller, so the sky is the limit... But there is a catch, read on...

Emulator on big screen

Lets first talk about exactly what this program is. It is a multitouch midi controller, non-specific to to Tractor or any program. So that means you can use this for any program with midi capabilities, however a program like Tractor might be its best use. You can probably use this with Serato too, but I am not 100% sure if it would work as a totally integrated tool.

But the main catch is that this is only for PC. I an not sure why they would design a piece of software only for PC, but from what I gathered, they did this on purpose. From the Emulator site, they specifically say : "for windows 7, oh ! yes NO IPAD". Its proclaimed like its some sort of accomplishment. In actuality, it would be perfect for the iPad. Maybe they will get over it and develop this tool for the platform it is most suited for. Most DJs use a mac anyhow, which is another reason this does not make sense on a PC.

The video below, on the bog screen is quite visually interesting. This is a home-brew multitouch screen. I do believe, but not sure, that this is done with a projector and some sort of motion sensor to detect where his hands are. It is a very interesting surface to use a program, very minority report. So, enough reading, check out the video for yourself.

Emulator on the giant screen

Emulator on a tablet PC

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