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“The Bridge”, now available for Public BETA (with video)

The wait is over. If you have the latest version of Serato and Ableton 8 (both need to be registered products) then you can start testing "The Bridge". If you missed the stories on what this program can do, click here, and here, but I will sum it up. "The Bridge" is basically Ableton Live running inside of Serato and its FREE if you already own both Ableton 8 and Serato. It also makes Serato the ultimate mixtape tool. If you have been craving multitrack recordings, it can do that, all while keeping any applied effects and fader adjustments all non destructive and editable. But you do need the Rane TTM-57 or the Rane Sixty-Eight for the extra controls (any mixer can do the multitrack recording, bonus!). More pics, info, download links, and video links after the jump:

Ableton + Serato = The Bridge

First thing is first though, this is a PUBLIC BETA! Download it here. This download has the latest version on Serato + The Bridge, I do believe its 2.1.1. Be warned if you are going to test this out, you should be very careful with playing this live. As in other Beta's, they are buggy. I am not sure when the full version will become available, but using this now will get you ready for the full release version. We will be doing some testing on this in the next few days, and will let you know just how buggy it really is. Either way, don't use this at the club just yet.

That being said, its really exciting that this is now available. Any DJ that is already using Ableton will greatly appreciate this upgrade, and its a huge leap forward. Even if you only lightly use Ableton, the multitrack recording function form Serato to Ableton is really powerful. This is an awesome upgrade to any system and if you have the TTM-68 or TTM-57, then you get all the fader movements and effects recorded making them completely editable. I know, in the past, when I'm making a multitrack mix, I don't use the channel faders cause I will edit that later. That is kinda stifling, but before you could not edit a bad cut, now you can.

So, how does Ableton work inside of Serato? Its interesting how they mashed these programs together. You open both programs and within Serato, you load a special Ableton track to one of the decks. This Ableton track fully controllable with the Scratch control record. If you slow the record down, or speed it up, or scratch, the Ableton track syncs right up. This does take up a deck on Serato. But once you have it matched to the other Deck, you can send it over and it will link to the other side, playing both your MP3 and Ableton track on the same deck. I am sure that if you have the SL3 of TTM-68, putting Ableton in a third deck would be better, but this is a cool workaround for most DJ setups. Check out the pictures below for an example.

Here is a video of the Ableton Transport Control (Ableton to Serato):

Here is a video of Mixtape (Serato to Ableton).

Stay tuned, more to come...

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  1. Wow! This is opening up so many opportunities for us when we perform. We can make multi track remixes on the fly now. Unreal. Thank you Serato and Ableton! You guys are the best around!

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