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DJ Shiftee for America’s Best DJ 2010 (with videos)

DJ Shiftee, if you don't know about him, then you should. He is the 2007 DMC Battle for World Supremecy champion (2 minute head to head routines, posted below), and the 2009 World DJ Champion (6 minute battle routines, also posted below). He has the gold turntables, and hes got mad skill. This year, he is up for America's best DJ, and I think he has go the skills to earn that title. His 2010 campaign video (parts 1 and 2), party routine, and other videos are all after the jump:

DJ Shiftee for 2010 Best DJ

If you are unfamiliar with the competition, it has been around for a while and "is an annual contest and summer tour that encourages you, the dance-music fans, to get out and vote for your favorite US-based DJs in a quest to crown America’s top jock. 100 DJs are nominated, but only one can be “Best.” Voting also gives you the chance to win valuable prizes...SO VOTE!" Thats from the ABDJ's site. Last year, and rightfully so, DJ Z-Trip won the competition. He is amazing and definitely deserved it. And this year, its up to Shiftee to take it home.

Shiftee is not the only DJ to be nominated for 2010 best DJ (there are 99 others). But, he is up there with some other very awesome and other very active (for 2010) DJs. Including DJ Q-bert who has started his Q-bert Scratch University and he is playing a big part of the new DJ Hero 2 game coming later this year. Also, DJ Enferno, A-Track, and Jazzy Jeff are also among the great DJ nominees.

This year is the year for Shiftee. Currently, Shiftee is the reigning DMC World Champion and will be defending his title in October and is heavily involved with the DMC as the headliner for the US shows and sometimes judging the shows too. He has been super active on you tube, producing his "Salsa School of Scratch" videos (in my opinion, are the best youtube tutorials for scratching out there). Also, his videos of his party tracks (below) and breakdowns of what he is doing are great too. He is sponsored by Native Instruments and has made a few demo videos of their products, most recently their "Traktor Kontrol S4". This is all happening while touring the US and world for his DJ gigs. To top it off, when he is back in NY, he is the Turntablist instructor at DubSpot music production school. Thats a lot of DJing!

So, Shiftee's involvement with the art, his amazing DJing skills, and his great party sets make him the number one contender for the "America's Best DJ - 2010". Click here to place your vote. (Tell them sent you...) You can find DJ Shiftee here. And now, boys and girls, its time to watch some videos.

DJ Shiftee for America's Best DJ 2010, Campaign Video (part 1):

DJ Shiftee for America's Best DJ 2010, Campaign Video (part 2, the patriotic routine):

One of Shiftee's party sets:

Shiftee's Mix competition video:

Shiftee at the 2007 DMC World Supremecy:

Shiftee interview and partial routine of the 2009 championship:

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  1. Wow. This dude is unreal!!! He’s got my vote!

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