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Fat Beats NY Store is Shutting Their Doors this week

It is a sad state of affairs, the NYC Fat Beats store will be closing thir doos this Saturday. But that is not to say they are not going out with a bang! Everyday this week, all through Saturday, they will be having Artists/DJs coming out to talk and perform. Artists from rising NY rapper Homeboy Sandman to superstars like DJ Premier and Pete Rock will be in the store doing their thing and showing their support for Fat Beats. Its like a free show that lasts all week. Check out the flyer and click through for full details/schedule on who will be performing.

Fat Beats last week Flyer

Here is the Address:
Fat Beats
406 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave), New York, NY 10011-8432
Between 8th and 9th Street on the 2nd Floor.
(212) 673-3883

The full schedule is in the picture below (the yellow flyer). I recommend checking out Fat Beats at least one of these days, even if you have never been there before. It is a true hip-hop record store, and those are, unfortunately, a dying bread.

I am just curious about the fallout. You know guys that relentlessly try to sell you CDs outside of the store? You know the ones, they will follow you for blocks trying to force their CD in your hands. Where are they going to go? They already lost Virgin Mega Store to hang out in front of, and now Fat Beats will be gone. I am willing to bet that they will have to migrate again to the store front of Rock And Soul. Some guys may even be subjected to selling their CDs in Chinatown... Thats just not right... lol.

All joking aside, this is a sad event. Fat Beats, we will miss you! You will be in our hearts and in our internets!

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