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UPDATE (with photos): THIS FRIDAY @ SOLAS – 80s Madness – with DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor

Its time to get your 80's-on with NYCelectro's own DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor at Solas in the East Village, NYC (9th st, between 2nd and 3rd ave). It will be this Friday, Sept 3rd, from 10pm to 4am. And it will be 80's all night long. By the end of the night, you will be asking the girls (or guys) to get out of your dreams and to get into your car! Beacsue nobody does it better than DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor. I know the Freaks will come out this night to bust a move. So come get celebrate and lets dance. The first person to dance on the ceiling will get to rock steady with me, DJ Color TV at the casbah. Come on, take a chance on me and you will be young forever, time after time. Click through for more details and RSVP link.

80s Mania, @ Solas with DJ Lazor and Color TV

80s Mania with DJ Lazor and DJ Color TV:
Sept 3rd, from 10pm till 4pm, mention the party/DJs at the door
232 East 9th Street, New York
between 2nd and 3rd ave
(212) 375-0297

To guarantee entry:
RSVP here by commenting or
RSVP at 80sMania

Also, the first person that can name all the songs i referenced above will win a free drink from me, DJ Color TV. You must post your entry in the comments and put them in order.

Here are the photos from the event and the flyers:

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  1. Nobody does it better – Carley Simon, The freaks come out at night – Whodini, Bust A Move – Young MC, Celebrate – Kool And The GAng, Let’s Dance David Bowie, Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie, Rock Steady- Bad Company or The Whispers, Rock the Casbah – the Clash and finally Take a chance on me – ABBA.

    Come on Color TV give me a tough one!

  2. this looks good. I need to double check, but any other takers?

  3. Oh and Forever Young – Rod Stewart and Time after time Cindy Lauper… Whew

  4. “to get out of your dreams and to get into your car”
    Get out of my Dreams – Billy Ocean

    “nobody does it better”
    Nobody does it Better – Carly Simon

    “I know the Freaks will come out this night to bust a move”
    Freaks come out at Night – Whodin
    Bust a Move – Young MC

    “..come get celebrate”
    Celebration – Kool & The Gang

    “and lets dance”
    Lets Dance – David Bowie

    “Come on, take a chance on me and”
    Take a Chance on me – Abba (aaargh!)

    “you will be young forever, time after time”
    Young Forever or Forever Young – Jay Z or Rod Stewart??
    Time after Time – Cyndi Lauper

  5. Very nice usage of song lyrics into your post. Just for that, I’ll need to come out and check out your all night 80’s set!

  6. The party at Solas last night was off the hook. Thanks for coming everyone! I posted event photos above. If you are in it, then you are now officially famous! If you are the dude that got punched in the nose, that sucks and feel better. Next time dodge that punch!

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