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The Double Life of a DJ with a Corporate Job

Like many DJs, I have a day job that takes up too much time. The day job is fine and the DJ gigs that I get provide extra money for things like equipment and other fun things. This article is a brief snapshot in a day in the life of a DJ with a Corporate Job. Its a busy life! Click through to get the complete story, and pictures...

a DJ's split personality: 1/2 Corporate, 1/2 DJ, 1/2 Shark


Serato users, The Bridge is Now Available

The first final full release of Serato and Ableton's software collaboration is finally available. This is not a beta version. This is the biggest software upgrade for Serato since Video SL. This release has the potential to really let the DJ become more creative and open up mixing possibilities that were not possible, unless you had a ton of gear (like DJ Enferno, he's awesome though).

The Bridge, as its named, bridges the gap between DJ and producer, giving the producer the best DJ tools at their finger tips. And gives the DJ the ability to record your mixed as if you are a producer doing this in post production. I have been beta testing this software for a little over a month now, and its great. It works seamlessly in Serato and the multi-track mixtape recording is amazing. Click threw for more info, download links,  screenshots, and a video of DJ Enferno (even though its kinda unrelated).

The Bridge logo


Everything is a Remix – Part 1 of a 4 Part Series on the Remix

Goodie Bag, a web video producer, makes short episodes on a variety of interesting subjects, and this week they picked up a 4-part series on how everything is a remix. The video, after the jump, takes a look at the old school artists and how they came up with their "original" material. This traces an early remix starting from an early 1961 writing technique, then brings it to the early rock material. Parts 2 - 4 are not out yet, but I am sure they will prove to be very interesting and show even more light into the world of remixing.

As far as DJing goes, we almost always play other peoples music and remix things on the fly at the club. Many DJs will make their own dance remixes of songs to further enhance their set and set them apart from your standard DJ. DJ Spinbad is a great example of someone that does that. So when you are creating a "new" track, don't be shy, let your creative juices flow, and remix your ass off!

Click through for the video and a list of the songs used in the video.


Past DJing Tips, Tricks, and Reviews. The most popular yet.

This week it has been a slower week for NYCelectro. So we thought that it would be a good time to make a reminder of some of our past tips, tricks, and reviews. The links below are some of our most popular and thorough articles yet. Click the links below to jump to the articles.

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DJ Tip of the Week: How to Clean your Needles or Stylus (video)

DJing has taken different forms over the last few years, but if you are still rocking the wheelz of steel, then you will need to be keeping your needles clean. Recently I had some needle tracking problems, i took a look and my needles were filthy! How does this happen? Well, dust, outdoor particles, dirt, you name it, they all fly around and eventually land on you records. Your needle then scrapes the grime from the grooves of the record and makes a nice collection of dirt. The quick way to clean this is to use your finger, but this does not always do the bset job. Click through for a detailed explanation and video on how to clean you needles/stylus.

Cleaning Your Stylus