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Everything is a Remix – Part 1 of a 4 Part Series on the Remix

Goodie Bag, a web video producer, makes short episodes on a variety of interesting subjects, and this week they picked up a 4-part series on how everything is a remix. The video, after the jump, takes a look at the old school artists and how they came up with their "original" material. This traces an early remix starting from an early 1961 writing technique, then brings it to the early rock material. Parts 2 - 4 are not out yet, but I am sure they will prove to be very interesting and show even more light into the world of remixing.

As far as DJing goes, we almost always play other peoples music and remix things on the fly at the club. Many DJs will make their own dance remixes of songs to further enhance their set and set them apart from your standard DJ. DJ Spinbad is a great example of someone that does that. So when you are creating a "new" track, don't be shy, let your creative juices flow, and remix your ass off!

Click through for the video and a list of the songs used in the video.







Everything is a Remix - "Part 1 - The Song Remains the Same"

Here is a list of the songs used in the video above:

0:04 Star Wars Theme, John Williams

0:11 Hey Ladies, Beastie Boys (the version used in the video is an official remix that no longer seems to be commercially available)

0:32 Rapper’s Delight, The Sugarhill Gang

0:40 Good Times, Chic

0:48 The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Flash

0:54 Everything’s Gonna be Alright, Father MC

0:59 It’s All Good, Will Smith

1:05 2345Meia78, Gabriel O Pensador

1:10 Around the World, Daft Punk

1:16 No Pause, Girl Talk

1:36 Your Time is Gonna Come, Led Zeppelin

2:06 T&T, Ornette Coleman

2:27 The Ocean (Live), Led Zeppelon

2:37 Bring it on Home, Led Zeppelin

2:47 Bring it on Home, Sonny Boy Williamson

2:53 The Lemon Song, Led Zeppelin

3:00 Killing Floor, Howlin’ Wolf

3:08 Black Mountain Side, Led Zeppelin

3:15 Blackwaterside, Bert Jansch

3:21 Dazed and Confused, Led Zeppelin

3:34 Dazed and Confused, Jake Holmes

3:40 Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin

3:57 Taurus, Spirit

4:11 Black Country Woman, Led Zeppelin

4:37 The Rain Song, Led Zeppelin

5:53 When the Levee Breaks, Led Zeppelin

5:56 Rhymin’ and Stealin’, The Beastie Boys

6:01 Return to Innocence, Enigma

6:06 Lyrical Gangbang, Dr. Dre

6:12 Kim, Eminem

Props to, keep up the good videos.