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Serato users, The Bridge is Now Available

The first final full release of Serato and Ableton's software collaboration is finally available. This is not a beta version. This is the biggest software upgrade for Serato since Video SL. This release has the potential to really let the DJ become more creative and open up mixing possibilities that were not possible, unless you had a ton of gear (like DJ Enferno, he's awesome though).

The Bridge, as its named, bridges the gap between DJ and producer, giving the producer the best DJ tools at their finger tips. And gives the DJ the ability to record your mixed as if you are a producer doing this in post production. I have been beta testing this software for a little over a month now, and its great. It works seamlessly in Serato and the multi-track mixtape recording is amazing. Click threw for more info, download links,  screenshots, and a video of DJ Enferno (even though its kinda unrelated).

The Bridge logoThis is the release announcement from Serato:


Ableton and Serato are proud to announce the release of The Bridge, a software partnership which brings together elements of DJ performance and production. The Bridge is a free download for DJs with Serato Scratch Live compatible hardware and a registered version of Ableton Live 8.

Download Scratch Live 2.1.1 and Ableton 8.2 to unlock The Bridge.

New to Ableton Live? Until October 31, 2010, get free online training along with any purchase of Ableton Live. Find out more on

Scratch Live 2.1.1 is a recommended update for all Scratch Live DJs, with improvements for all machines."

Inorder to use The Bridge inside Ableton, you will have to do a lot of mouse clicking. I recommend buying a controller. The APC 20 and APC 40 are amazing Ableton controllers that come properly mapped, so you can plug it in and play right out of the box. When you launch a clip using this controller through The Bridge (in Serato) it works perfectly. Stay tuned for a full review and functionality overview for this awesome upgrade.

DJ Enferno: Live Remix Project "With or Without You"

Some Screenshots:

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