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Video Review: Allen and Heath Xone XD-53 Headphones

Recently, I embarked on a mission to find the best DJ headphones, as my pair recently broke. I have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 DJ headphones, a very popular set of DJ phones, but unfortunately, these tend to break/crack at the swivel point near the ear piece. This is a widely known problem, but they are good phones and are fairly cheep, running between $80 and $100 on the internet. When these broke on me, thats when I decided to upgrade to a better quality set of DJ headphones. After much research, I settled on the Allen and Heath Xone:XD-53 headphones. Click through to view the video review, pics, specs, and my comparison to some other competing DJ phones.

Allen & Heath Xone XD-53 headphone review by DJ Color TV:


the DMC DJ Competition is Going Digital! Its Official, for real… (update)

Apparently, at the DMC is making some changes. This was announced at the end of the World DMC Competition on October 18th, 2010. Tony Prince, the founder of the DMC, was reported to announce this news on stage after announcing the new heavy sponsorship from Rane and Serato. Personally, I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Its good that the competition is getting with the times, but on the other hand it could  destroy the competition altogether. Click through for the full report with quotes from Tony Price and Serato, also for a list of pros and cons of this move.

technics are out!


DJ LIGONE from France is the new 2010 World DMC Champion (update, VIDEO + more pics)

The DMC this year is now over. It was in London for the last two days and the action was intense. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the DMC, it is a world-wide championship that crowns the best DJs/Turntablists in the world. The winners wins major gear, sponsorships, and get to tour around the world. Past notable winners are DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, DJ A Trac, DJ Craze, and most recently in 2009, DJ Shiftee. The US has brought home 12 wold championships, but in the last five years its gone back and forth between the US, Germany (once), and France. This year France took the title back. Click through for all the winners, pic and more. Update, there are now many videos and pictures to check out.

World DMC Final Flyer


Creativity, what is it?: “Walking On Eggshells” video

When you create music or art in general, how is it started? How is it finished? Who are your influences? Are you using other people's material? Are you making a remix if so? Is a certain lyric from another song?

These are the questions that permeate todays creative society. A couple weeks ago, we posted about "Everything is a Remix" which scratches the surface of a broader conversation. So, where does creativity come from? It comes from everywhere and artists have sampled everything across time. The video, after the jump, covers this subject well. So, click through for the video and more about the subject.

"Walking on Eggshells" screenshot


Catastrophe in the DJ Booth

Most of the time when DJing, everything goes swimmingly. You put up with the relentless requests from girls (I don't mind that part), you play the right songs at the right time, people sing and dance and every one has a good time. Other times... well things can go the other way. A catastrophe can happen that has the potential to ruin the party. This happened for me on Saturday, luckily, it only happened in the DJ booth. It was a chain of events that may have wrecked that club environment. Click through for the full story, also for more pictures of the night.

Oops, I broke my needle!


Tonight! 80s Mania @ Solas with DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor, 10-8-10

80s Mania is back and its tonight at Solas. I know you gotta get your boogie-on with the nice weather and the Friday night, so come out and enjoy the fun. DJ Color TV and DJ Lazor will be rocking the party from 10pm till 4am. Its going to be an 80s night, so girls put on our tights and the one-shoulder shirt, guys come rocking your best head band cause tonight is going to be the night!

The party is at Solas in the East Village, 9th St between 2nd and 3rd. Click through for map and more.

80s Mania at Solas, 10-8-10


DJ Color TV and DJ Philly B interviewed by “Godlike-TV”

Recently, Godlike-TV came to visit the NYCelectro studios in Brooklyn, NY. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, and DJ Philly-B were interviewed and Color TV did a little showcase of some turntable skills at the beginning. Click through for the video and my thoughts on the interview.

DJ Color TV, video showcase.


Tomorrow, 10/5: Apt No.7 Launch Event at Gallery Bar (Lower East Side)

This Tuesday, Apt No.7 is having their official launch party at Gallery Bar in NY's Lower East Side. If you have ever been to Gallery Bar, then you know its a treat. Its Art + music + drinks, thats a winning combo. Apt No.7's launch will fit this venue nicely. They are a creative agency that functions as "the marketing brain" behind the people and companies they represent. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, will be getting the party started and DJ GetLive will closing the party out and live broadcasting the event on his site. So come out, get your art, music, and drink-on. Click through for the address and announcement from the event organizer.

Apt No.7 - Launch Party Flyer