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DJ Color TV and DJ Philly B interviewed by “Godlike-TV”

Recently, Godlike-TV came to visit the NYCelectro studios in Brooklyn, NY. Yours truly, DJ Color TV, and DJ Philly-B were interviewed and Color TV did a little showcase of some turntable skills at the beginning. Click through for the video and my thoughts on the interview.

DJ Color TV, video showcase.

When the guys from Godlike TV came over to the spot, I was a bit surprised to see them in the flesh. The main guy, Venon Nemesis, was a little different than I imagined. He was HUGE, but a very nice guy. We had a few cold ones and then started shooting.

It began like the video does, with me doing an improvised turntable juggle/scratching set. Then we jumped into the interview. What you see here on the video is only a part of the entire conversation, but its probably the best part by far. In the video that you did not see, we talked about the advance of Digital DJing and how that compares to the old way. Also, cross promotion with other DJs and with new media. Some other topics were hit on too, but those were the main ones. We will probably hit on those topics here on, but it'll have to wait for now.

So peep the video below:

DJ Color TV and DJ Philly B interviewed by "Godlike-TV"

Here is a link to the video and more Godlike-TV videos on Vimeo.
Godlike-TV: "Talking Turntablism With DJ COLOR TV and DJ PHILLY B" from Venom Nemesis on Vimeo.

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