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Creativity, what is it?: “Walking On Eggshells” video

When you create music or art in general, how is it started? How is it finished? Who are your influences? Are you using other people's material? Are you making a remix if so? Is a certain lyric from another song?

These are the questions that permeate todays creative society. A couple weeks ago, we posted about "Everything is a Remix" which scratches the surface of a broader conversation. So, where does creativity come from? It comes from everywhere and artists have sampled everything across time. The video, after the jump, covers this subject well. So, click through for the video and more about the subject.

"Walking on Eggshells" screenshot

Personally, when I DJ out, Im using other people's music 80% of the time, while the other 20% are remixes I have either made or make on the fly. So depending on how you look at it, Im playing 100% other people's music. Even though that these are not my records, I feel as this is my creative outlet and I feel like I am expressing myself while rocking the set. Because I was not the original creator of the music, does that make me any less creative? I don't think so.

In the video they point out that in all art, music, painting, sculpture, or anything all draw inspiration and references and material from other things created in the past. That is just how life is. We need other people's hard work to build off of. People (are supposed to) learn from the past, take what was done and make it better. Life is made of samples. Rappers did not invent the English language. Mark Zuckerburg did not invent computer programing. Frank Gahry did not invent architecture. These people were given tools and a base of knowledge/inspiration and used them to their advantage. They essentially, with a ton of creativity, remixed what they had to make it awesome.

So, what is creativity? Are you creative because you have this breakthrough new style? Or are you creative because no one realizes where you are drawing your inspiration/samples from? For me, I think that creativity is that moment when I hear that one song and my brain explodes with a thousand ideas on what I can do with that. Its an amazing feeling and its inspirational.

"Walking On Eggshells" video:

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