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DJ LIGONE from France is the new 2010 World DMC Champion (update, VIDEO + more pics)

The DMC this year is now over. It was in London for the last two days and the action was intense. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the DMC, it is a world-wide championship that crowns the best DJs/Turntablists in the world. The winners wins major gear, sponsorships, and get to tour around the world. Past notable winners are DJ Qbert, Mix Master Mike, DJ A Trac, DJ Craze, and most recently in 2009, DJ Shiftee. The US has brought home 12 wold championships, but in the last five years its gone back and forth between the US, Germany (once), and France. This year France took the title back. Click through for all the winners, pic and more. Update, there are now many videos and pictures to check out.

World DMC Final Flyer

So, its finally over. After months of prelims and qualifying rounds. The DJs in the competition can finally rest their hands and needles. The battle took place in London, on Sunday the 17th and Monday the 18th, 2010. The first day consisted of the Team battles and the Battle For Supremacy. The second day was the main event, the World DJ Championship. Last year's winner, DJ Shiftee, was there for pass the torch for this epic 6-minute battle.

This year, the US represented with DJ Etronic, but unfortunately, the world championship was dominated by Japan and France. Here are the winners:

2010 DMC Wold Championship
1st place: Ligone (france)
2nd place: Co-Ma (Japan)
3rd place: DJ Blu (Japan)

Kudos to those guys, I am sure they worked hard and the battle was close. Hopefully, some videos will be floating around the web soon. We will be updating as they come out. Here are some older posts that follow the US competition and they all have videos:
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2010 San Antonio Winners
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The Battle for Supremicy and the Team battles were also quite the battle. Switch vs Getback was an intense supremacy battle. And for the team battles, Kireek, from Japan, won their 4th strait team brattle title. The winners are as follows:

Battle For Supremacy 2010
1st – DJ Switch (UK)
2nd – Getback (France)

World Team Championship 2010
1st – Kireek (Japan)
2nd – Traumateam (France)
3rd – Bionic Stylus Crew (UK)

To wrap it up, the US got beat by France, the UK, and Japan. We were not even runners up. Oh well, next year. Hopefully this will light a fire under the US's DJs to represent. Lets get on the map for team battles for once.

Congrats to all the winners, Ligone, Switch, and team Kireek! Its a lot of hard work to get this far. These guys are the champs and the best of the best.

Its kinda hard to find bootleg videos of the DMC coverage for obvious reasons. But here are some videos of the winners doing their things from last year.

DJ Ligone - 2009 DMC routine:

DJ Co-Ma 2009 DMC finals routine:

DJ Blu 2009 DMC routine:

DJ Switch, BPM 2010 DMC (bootleg but decent quality) Im thinking this is a showcase:

Kireek, team battlers, 2009 champs (third year in a row) bootleg, low quality:

All images below are from the DMC DJ Champs website.

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