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Video Review: Allen and Heath Xone XD-53 Headphones

Recently, I embarked on a mission to find the best DJ headphones, as my pair recently broke. I have a pair of Sony MDR-V700 DJ headphones, a very popular set of DJ phones, but unfortunately, these tend to break/crack at the swivel point near the ear piece. This is a widely known problem, but they are good phones and are fairly cheep, running between $80 and $100 on the internet. When these broke on me, thats when I decided to upgrade to a better quality set of DJ headphones. After much research, I settled on the Allen and Heath Xone:XD-53 headphones. Click through to view the video review, pics, specs, and my comparison to some other competing DJ phones.

Allen & Heath Xone XD-53 headphone review by DJ Color TV:

My Opinion:
Overall, I am really liking these headphones. They are extremely comfortable and are crystal clean at any level. While I was looking into buying new phones, I got advise from many different DJs, mainly from my post on, take a look at the post if  you would like. Basically, there are tons of headphones out there and these guys helped me narrow down the field a bit. This is the first time in about 7 to 8 years I had to buy headphones, so I wanted to know what everyone thought was the best. 4 came to the top.
Senheiser HD 25-1 II ~ $200
Allen and Heath Xone XD-53 ~ $200 (pronounced like Zone)
Technics RP-DJ1200  ~ $150 (but i could have sworn they were  $250 at the store)
Pioneer HDJ-2000 ~ $350

People liked the Sony MDR-V700s too be the durability issues was/is a huge problem. Overall, the Technics got the best voted for durability, and the Senheisers had the best noise isolation. Out of the four, and trying them out, the Allen and Heath were the best in my opinion. Comfortable, durable, and sound great. However, all these headphones sounded awesome, but my deciding factor is how comfortable the Xone's were. I use my headphones for any studio production and my ears start to hurt after a while if there is a cup pressing on my ear. With the Xone's. this is not a problem.

So there you have it. Allen and Heath rose to the top. If I have any issues with these, I will update this article, but I doubt that will be necessary. I want to thank all the people at for the support and advise.  If you have any questions on my findings, hit me up. Check below for more pics and a full product description for the Xone's.

Xone headphones

Product description:
The new Xone XD-53 professional monitoring headphones have been developed to complete any professional DJ set up, and complements perfectly the Xone DJ mixer range. The XD-53 incorporates a circumaural design, providing excellent isolation from ambient noise, making them the ideal headphone solution for DJs working in loud environments. The XD-53 is also the perfect headphone for studio monitoring applications. Specifications: • Type: Closed-back Dynamic (circumaural isolation design) • Frequency Response: 5-33,000 Hz • Maximum Input Power: 3,500 mW • Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW at 1 kHz • Impedance: 36 ohms • Cable: 1.2 m (Coiled)/3.0 m max (OFC).

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