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Afrika Bambaataa uses Serato? Yep!

Looks like one of history's biggest digger (for records), Afrika Bambaataa, now uses Serato. I don't really blame him, after all, records are heavy. It was Sutra's 6th year anniversary and the lineup was DJ June, Tony Touch, and Afrika Bambaattaa. It was some seriously good music. But did Bambaataa bring it as hard and are his crates as deep as expected? Also, what does it mean for DJing considering Bambaataa is no longer using records? Click through to read more and for more pictures of the event:

Afrika Bambaataa

So, the show was sick. DJ June killed it with a ton of old dancehall reggae tracks that I have not heard in a long time. Tony Touch was mixing it up with some old school tracks. And then it was time for Afrika Bambaatta. He killed it! People were dancing and breaking non-stop. It was tight! He was playing some very rare tracks, but again, off serato. I am willing to bet that he has every record that he plays, using the computer as a proxy of sorts. He also played some more popular tracks, but I don't think I heard any of his music.

So are you surprised to hear that Bambaataa is not using records anymore? I think this is a true sign of the times. I don't know how long he has been using Serato, but that does not matter. Basically, DJing is all digital now. Also, lets not forget that Panasonic discontinued the Technics 1200. So watching Bambaataa use the computer was a bit ironic, but that just goes to show you that times are-a-changin'.

Overall, it was a great NY night for sure. Seeing 2 legends spin on a Tuesday night was very cool. The place was packed too. If you get a chance to come to NY on a Tuesday night, go to Sutra. Tony Touch will most likely be doing a party there.

Here are more pics to check out:

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