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Girl Talk’s new Album, get it here (sorta)

This past Monday, Novermber 15th, everyone's favorite non-DJ, Girl Talk, released his 5th album entitled "All Day". You can download it for free. I have been listening to it and its everything you would expect from Girl Talk these days, and its great! Mashups/remixes times 10. One of the best parts of listing to this is that he does many of these mixes live. Some are pre-mixed (obviously), but for the most part, its live. Click through for the download link, more album art, and the track listings.

Girl Talk, Insert-2

Below is the link to Girl Talk's download site. You can get it for free, no sign up or even a suggested donation.
Girl Talk - All Day download

This is the full track listing, but each "song" has tons of samples. For a list of that, visit the wiki site about the album.

1. "Oh No"
2. "Let It Out"
3. "That's Right"
4. "Jump on Stage"
5. "This Is the Remix"
6. "On and On"
7. "Get It Get It"
8. "Down for the Count"
9. "Make Me Wanna"
10. "Steady Shock"
11. "Triple Double"
12. "Every Day"

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