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Serato Tip of the Week: Back-up Your “_ScratchLive_” Folders.

Recently I encountered a big problem with Serato Scratch Live. The backups for the ScratchLive are not so great. I was at a gig and everything was fine. The next day, when I awoke, I hooked up my portable hard drive and 90% of my crates were missing. How did this happen? How can you fix this? Why does this happen anyhow? All questions hot in my mind. Bottom line, you got to make your own backups of your "_ScratchLive_" and/or "ScratchLive" folders. Click through for the details and how to fix this problem.

So here is the story; I played as usual, unhooked it all as usual, and went home as usual. The next day, re-hooked up my home set-up, launched Serato and BAM most of my crates were gone! The few crates that were still there had only a fraction of the song. WTF? I thought it was a glitch at first and re-booted everything to no avail. The problem persisted and it looked like I lost everything.

When I loaded the backup folder, that Serato makes automatically, it did not quite work correctly. I got some crates back, but lots of songs were missing in these crates too. It gets worse too. After some other trouble shooting, it seemed as if I got back most of my crates. Unfortunately, Serato was referencing the files on my internal drive, not my external and I learned this after the fact. The next party I played, the day before thanksgiving, I only brought my portable and I was boned! The crates were there, but the songs were not. This made playing very difficult.

Luckly, the next day, I really dug deep and got help from Serato's support forums. FYI, those are really helpful if you ever have an issue. Before I did any work, I made backup copies up everything, Music, Serato folders, my entire internal and external Hard Drives. This was my saving grace. Also, going forward, with every change I made, I made new backups to my SSL folder. Lets take a look at the steps I took to revive my crates:.

Step 1, Back that Drive Up:
No matter what, make new backups and keep old backups of all of your Scratch Live folders and all of your music on a regular basis. Do this first, especially when troubleshooting. Its easy to do, just highlight your _ScratchLive_ folder and drag and drop it to another Hard Drive, could be your internal drive or another external drive. Make sure it copies though, not just moves the folder. Got it?

Step 2, Lets Get to Work:
You get those backups right? Ok then, below are the 2 options that the Scratch live help guy gave me. I will put them in the order that worked the best:
Shut down SSL.
Open your external drive.
Rename the _ScratchLIVE_ folder so it reads _ScratchLIVE_1.
Rename the _ScratchLIVE_backup folder so it simply says _ScratchLIVE_.
Now re-open SSL.

Shut down SSL.
Open your external drive.
Open the _ScratchLIVE_ folder.
Rename the Subcrates folder so it says 'Subcrates1'.
Now re-open SSL.

Step 3. Ch-check it out!
I did a hybrid combo of this, basically rebuilding some of these folders manually, resting different backups that I had made in the process. Turns out, I got really lucky and found most of my good folders. It did take a few hours though. If you have regular backups, it should be as easy as Step 2-A. BUT:

Be sure that SSL is referencing your portable drive, not your internal. If its pointing to your internal, your songs will disappear when you plug into another computer. You can check by opening SSL, and clicking the "location" tab to be displayed. Scroll to the right, and you will be able to read  the path. If, like in my case, SSL is looking to the wrong drive, follow the steps listed in Step 3 and Step 4 of the "How to make your music library truly portable" published earlier here on Hopefully, your SSL did not clutch this badly, as mine did. At least its fixable.

Again, it comes down to having good backups. Do not trust Serato's backups! Make you own, in addition. Thats a big deal. The guy from the support forums acknowledged this as a problem they are aware of and said hopefully Serato will be able to work out these kinks in future updates. I sure hope so, and until then, I will be backing up my playlists on a weekly, if not daily basis. You should do the same.

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  1. this def. has happened to me about 3 times, and ive learned to keep backups of my crates on my computers internal hard drive every few months just incase..

  2. This works thanks alot! Saved me hours.

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