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Ear Wars: Tinnitus – Whats all that ringing?

This week, WNYC's Should Check show, they have been talking about the ears. Talking about headphone use, the history of headphones, tinnitus, and the sounds your ear produces. Those shows are embedded after the jump.

As DJ's, we need to really evaluate the issue of tinnitus, or the ringing in your ears. It can lead to some or complete hearing loss and is a very serious subject. They say its irreversible too. So how do we stop or slow this problem? The music is so loud at the club, what can we do? Lets find out...

Tinnitus: Part 3: A Ringing in the Ears


Serato’s new SL 4 box, lets take a look (with video)

First of all, for those of you that recently bought an SL 3 box, im sorry. Yes its superior to the previous box, but this new SL 4 is much better. The main difference is the fact that it now has 2 USB 2.0 ports for seamless switchovers or simultaneous DJing (like in the Rand 68 mixer). The SL 4 supports 96 kHz sample rate and high quality 24-bit digital audio processing. You may ask yourself, what does that mean? Well, it means its going to sound great! The MSRP is $899, but I am guessing you will be able to find it for cheaper when it hits the stores in April. Continue reading for the official statement from Serato and the video from NAMM 2011.


Tonight! Throw another Shrimp on the Barbie, its an Australian Party

Come on out tonight to Nevada Smiths in the East Village. Its Australian day. There will be Australian Open tennis, cricket, AFL and more on the TVs all day and into the night. Also, yours truly, DJ Color TV, will be holding down the best Aussy music from 9pm till close. Click through for directions and more info:

Nevada Smiths


Happy 1st Birthday to

We are officially 1 year old today. Its not a bunch of 1 year olds writing these articles, but the website itself is now one year old. Now that we have cleared that up, lets talk a bit about last your and the year to come for this site. Continue reading:

Happy Birthday


DJ Deal of the Day: 1.5 TB drive for $130

Via, you can get Seagate 'FreeAgent Go Flex' 1.5TB portable (bus powered) hard drive for only $129.99. This is a great deal! The deal ends on Jan 17th, so you have a couple days to get act. I think, all they ask is for you to sign up for their newsletter, and you can do that during checkout. I just got the same price at Best Buy, but for only the 1TB drive. I think I am going to return it for this deal.

So, if you DJ using a portable, then I definitely recommend this purchase. If you just need a great way to back up your music and videos, then you still cant go wrong here. Its a masive amount of storage that fits on a portable 2.5" drive. Click through for the deal and more pictures and product details.


Live Inspired! – Whats Your Inspiration? (with video)

Inspiration, where does it come from? How do I become inspired? What is the driving force behind it? Do I need it? Am I inspired right now? How can I use it? These are a few questions you may find yourself asking when you are creating new things. I caught up with DJ Z-Trip a couple months back and we talked about inspiration. It really got me thinking about all the sources of inspiration and the ways it can be positively used. Continue reading, you may get inspired...

DJ Z-Trip