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DJ Deal of the Day: 1.5 TB drive for $130

Via, you can get Seagate 'FreeAgent Go Flex' 1.5TB portable (bus powered) hard drive for only $129.99. This is a great deal! The deal ends on Jan 17th, so you have a couple days to get act. I think, all they ask is for you to sign up for their newsletter, and you can do that during checkout. I just got the same price at Best Buy, but for only the 1TB drive. I think I am going to return it for this deal.

So, if you DJ using a portable, then I definitely recommend this purchase. If you just need a great way to back up your music and videos, then you still cant go wrong here. Its a masive amount of storage that fits on a portable 2.5" drive. Click through for the deal and more pictures and product details.

Here is the link for the deal from

An interesting thing about this drive is the little adapter at the bottom of it. It is a SATA port that allows you to upgrade the drive from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. So in the future, when the laptops start coming with these newer faster USB standard, you're drive will be ready, for a small price. Also there is an adapter for firewire. Check out the video explanation below. These are very flexible drives.

As far as their actual drive speed, it does not really say on the packaging, but I would be willing to bet that its 5400 RPM, not the faster 7200 RPM speed. The faster 7200 ones are usually the desktop drives, aka the 3.5", non portable drives.

So get it while its hot. Its a worthwhile upgrade.

NewEgg's review of these drives:


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