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WMC 2011 Starts Today! with the DJ Spin Off

Today at 2pm, at the Winter Music Conference (WMC), the DJ Spin off gets kicked off. There is a Beat Matching competition that lasts for 5 minutes and a Scratching competition that is 3 minutes. For the last 2 years DJ Peter Parker won the beat matching section. This year, he has to be a favorite.'s friend DJ Sancon will be competing this year, and he is extremely good, so we will be rooting for him. Check the video of Peter Parker's 2010 winning set after the jump. Click threw for the videos from last year and the judging criteria.

WMC Pics

So, there are some basic set things that the judges look for at every competition and the WMC is kind enough to publish them on their site. They judge for the following criteria:
1. Intro
2. Technical Abilities
3. Showmanship
4. Tricks
5. Timing (cuts/beats)
6. Creativity
7. Audience Interaction
8. Blending
9. Juggling
10. Outro

Pretty standard stuff. This spin-off is great for the up and coming DJs due to the fact that top label scouts will be there looking for new talent. It will be interesting to hear the DJs this year,  I think the competition level will be much higher now.

Below are videos of past performances:
DJ Peter Parker - 2010 WMC Winning set

DJ Etronic: WMC 2009 Winning Scratch battle Performance:

(DJ Etronic is the 2010 DMC USA Champion)

DJ Kid Star - WMC 2010 3rd Place (skip to about 1:55 in the video)

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  1. Hey.. Its DJ Kurr the Winner of the battle here is my set feel free to put it up…
    my WMC 1st place set check it out

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