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Donate to Help Relief in Japan, with Pics and Videos

We are all aware of the tragic earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago. DJ Shut-T and DJ Lazor, of, are both from Japan and so are many of our friends both here and abroad are also Japanese. If you can, take some time and donate something to help out those poor souls that were effected by this terrible disaster in Japan. The Japan Society, here in NY, has set up a tax-deductible donation page on their website. Please click through to DONATE HERE: View more videos, pitures and links about this tragedy after the jump.

Pray For Japan


More Links:
CNN Photos
CNN Google Map: Impact of Japan tsunami and earthquake
CNN Nuclear Crises Unfolded

Giant Waves Hitting Japan

About the nuclear plant, and video of the waves hitting hard!

Earthquake caught on film

Before and After tsunami

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