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WMC Battle Winners of 2011, with many videos

The WMC (Winter Music Conference) wrapped up about 2 weeks ago and the videos many of the winning battle sets are finally starting to surface. There are still a few missing though. Click through for a rundown of the winners and videos of most of their sets:

DJ Crime's winning (1st place) Audio/Video Video DJ Set:

First, here is a link to a related article that has videos from last year's winners.

DJ Spinoff: 5-Minute Beat Matching:
1st place - DJ Kurr
2nd place - DJ Manny
3rd place, and friend of - DJ Sancon

DJ Spinoff: 3-Minute Scratching:
1st place: DJ SPS
2nd place: Ambedeckstriks
3rd place: DJ Concept

VJ Challenge - Audio/Video:
1st place: DJ Crime
2nd place: Jordan Laws of Screen Werks
3rd place: Jay E of Screen Werks

VJ Challenge - Video Only:
1st place: VJ Borderline

If more videos of the winning sets surface, I will add them to this post. Congrats to all the won and entered too. It takes guts and a steady hand to compete against other amazing DJs.

Jordan Laws, 2nd place Audio/Video mix Battle set:

Jay E of ScreenWerks 3rd place Audio/Video DJ Set:

DJ Manny, 2nd place, 5-minute Beat Matching Set


VJ Borderline - 1st place winner - Video Only

DJ SPS, the 1st place, 3-minute Scratching Battle winner, at a scratch session:

DJ Concept, placed 3rd in the 3-minute Scratching Battle: at a scratch session:

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  1. Hey shout out to nycelectro much love and big thanks for posting my vid from miami. Id love to drop an electo set in nyc soon! Email me!

  2. DJ KURR The champions video is now up Check it out.

  3. Cool, I will post that video soon.

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