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Top 10 Best Club Tracks of 2011 from (with videos)

It was a good year for music. More genre crossing tracks hit this year in a big way that combine our favorite things, catchy sing-along lyrics with music you can really dance to. We are going to run down the top 10 Club tracks of 2011 that have been hitting hard in New York City and across the globe. Are you ready? Click through for the list plus their pictures and videos:

When considering what tracks this year really made the club jump, its tough to pick just 10. But the beauty is there are only bangers on this list. This list is comprised of songs that we at personally love to play and tracks that murder every dancehall in the world, from London to Ibiza, as the Swedish House Mafia put it in 2010. These tracks kill!

# 10

"Pressure" - Nadia Ali (also Starkillers & Alex Kenji)
Though this song has not topped the charts across the globe, it is however a track widely played  across the globe. This is one of the longes playing songs on this list as it came out in February. The only older track is "Party Rock Anthem", that came out in January of this year. "Pressure" is one of those classic dance anthems who's lyrics dont get in the way of the amazing chorus. Not too cold, not too hot, just right to light-up dance floor.

# 9

"Collide" - Leona Lewis  using "Fade Into Darkness" by Avicii
Leona Lewis's "Collide" features the instrumental from Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness" and even though Avicii claims she had "stollen" the song from him, "Collide" has become an amazing club anthem. It reached top 10 in chart positions in a few countries and hit number 1 on Billboards Hot Dance Club Songs chart. The video that supports this song is just as sexy and emotional as the track and underscores the greatness of this chart topper.

# 8

"Loca People" - Sak Noel
Otherwise know by party goes as "What the Fuck" or "All Day, All Night", this song's female talking about the party scene in Spain is definitely fun and interesting. It was released in the US a few months before it hit the UK, but it debuted at number 1 on the UK Singles. It has since has topped the charts everywhere else. No surprise, i guess, that Pitbull also has made a remix of this song called "Crazy people", though its not nearly as popular as the original.

# 7

"Give Me Everything" - Pitbull featuring NeYo, Afrojack and Nayer
The king of the crossover, Pitbull was able to capture dance, reggaeton, R&B, and Hip-hop all in one track. On paper, you may think that it would be bad, but this song proves that it can be done well. And the proof is in the charts, as this is his first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK charts. Naturally, its become a world-wide sensation. This can be played with confidence in Thailand, Japan, the Netherlands, and anywhere basically. The sliding melody and driving beat will magically get your body up and moving on the dance floor. If you drop this tonight and people dont jump, I will give you your money back!

# 6

"You Make Me Feel" - Cobra Starship ft. Sabi
In the US this song saw its top at number 4 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart and has been in the number one and top ten positions across the globe. This is a great feel-good track as the title and lyrics suggest. And it will warm up any dance floor. This track has so many remixes and has been played across the world. It has the lasting ability that a great pop/dance track should. The na-na-na hook is undeniable.

# 5

"Save The World" - Sweedish House Mafia
Nominated for Best Dance Recording on the 54th Grammys, this song has captured the attention listeners everywhere. It premered at number one on BBC Radio then began gaining in popularity across the world. Crowds everywhere sing-along and get down to this extremely catchy and dancy tune.

# 4

"Without You" - David Guetta featuring Usher
This feel-good anthem topped the charts at number 4 on Billboards Hot 100, being David Guetta's most popular single to date. It plays well on any dance floor and possesses this undeniable sexy dance vibe that sets the mood for the entire club no matter where you are in the world, as the video shows. The video is shot on the beach of Portugal and shows different parties from around the world that end up uniting the entire world's land masses with music.

# 3

"Party Rock Anthem" - LMFAO
If you dont know every lyric to this song by now, you have been living under a rock. This track has taken pop culture by storm, appearing car commercials, TV show, video games, baseball games, football games, Movies. You name it, its been there. That is due the the fact that the song is simple and clear about its message to Party Rock! It was on Billboards Hot 100 for 5 weeks and stayed in the top 10 for over 25 weeks. Its only the 7th song in Billboards history last that long. The video for this song also accentuates the catchiness of it, as you hear the song you become transformed into a shuffling maniac. Its captures the song's infectious party vibe perfectly.

# 2

"We Found Love" - Rihanna and Calvin Harris
Reaching Billboards Hot 100 at number 1 just 6 weeks, this song was destined for greatness. It peaked at number 1 across Europe and Asia. This song held at the number one position for over 8 weeks, making it her longest running hit yet. It was tough not putting this song as number one on this list. The video is absolutely amazing too, visceral and surreal. I can say from first hand experience that this pumps the up crowd so much, it gives you chills. The entire audience is united when the beat drops.

# 1

"Levels" - Avicii (Flo Rida used this for his "Good Feelings" song)
Hands down, "Levels" has been the biggest dance hit of the year. So big that Flo Rida picked it up and used it as his base for the hit song "Good Feeling" which hit Billboard's top 100 at #4. For Avicii, the Swedish house producer, the song reached #1 in Sweden and Scotland, and topped the charts in several other european countries. From first had experience, I have heard this everywhere I have been around the US and the world this year. It is one of the most requested songs this year too, people either request "Levels" or "Good Feelings". This song is only going to get bigger, this is why it topped the list.

Flo Rida - "Good Feeling"


Just to note, this top 10 list is no way bassed on actual Billboard or any other charts. Its solely based on the opinions of us here at Some chart figures are in the post, but that is just to inform you really. If you have any other suggested songs, list them below. It was tough leaving some out, like Niggas in Paris by Jay Z and some others. But still, this top 10 should keep you good into the new years! Happy New Years to you all!

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