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Simon Cowell’s new show to find The Worlds Greatest DJ

Today, Simon Cowell announced that he will be launching a new TV show to find "the world's greatest DJs".  Sounds like a cheesy premise, but it could really pan out to be a very interesting show for viewers and DJs alike. With more and more popularity around global DJ competitions like the Red Bull 3Style and the DMC, the step to TV seems almost natural. So, how it might actually go down? What will the format be? How will this be judged? How will they find DJs?  Lets take a look, click to read more…

Simon Cowell

With Cowell on board along with Sony, Sycro, and Overbrook Entertainment, and being owend by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, this will be the real deal, these are all heavy hitters. The show "will capture the incredible rise of the DJ phenomena", the companies said in a statement. Cowell said "DJs are the new rock stars, it feels like the right time to make this show." I agree, DJs have topped the charts all year in 2011, just read my Top 10 Tracks of 2011 article, you will see Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta topping the list. And, if you go to their shows, it is likely at a huge venue, likely sold out, and likely with some sort of pre-planned light show with dancers, smoke, and other visual stimuli. Will these things be worked into the show? Well, lets take a loog at the possible format and keep speculating.
If you want to see the official announcement, check it out on IMDB.
Also, check this post to hear Deadmau5's opinion on the subject. Its pretty great. Maybe he will judge or be a celebrity the contestants will work with?? Could be...

What will the Format be like? 
A quick disclaimer, these are just speculations and just my take on what the show could be. Will it be different from Cowell's past tallent shows, American Idol and X-Factor? This show will probably stick to a similar format with three or so judges sitting in some sort of panel and getting to make their snarky comments (TV viewers eat it up). But will that work for DJing? Im thinking the judges will need to sit to the side and let the DJ play to the crowd. I know it will probably not work without the DJ engaging the crowd. How can you judge a set when the DJ is not vibing off the crowd?

The two biggest/best DJ competitions currently are the Red Bull 3Style and the DMC. Both are very different competitions but have a similar format. 3Style is 15 minuts and you need to rock the crowd with three different genres of music. The DMC is more of a scratch/battle competition. Both have their ups and downs, but both use a round robin to single elimination format to get their winners, and the judging is clear(ish). Will the show take the same approach? Im sure the Judges will be quality, im betting Jazzy Jeff will be one of them.

What will they be Judging?
What will Cowell and friends be looking for to find the best DJ? DJing skill, beat matching/scratching is an obvious one but the mark of a truly great DJ is harder to put your finger on. In my mind, it takes 3 main things: what DJ can move the crowd the best, how well the DJ engages his audience, and of course how skillful your sets are put together. Scratching and tricks should be integrated but only to enhance the set, not to shine.

Will they take more of a music production spin on this? Perhaps they will assign a group of people the same track and have them make a remix? Todays biggest DJs are big cause they make their won tracks. I will bet that there will be celebrity chalenges where the DJ will work with some huge artist, and those challenges will be judged. Perhaps there will be a song list and the DJ will need to put them all together to make an exciting mix-tape.

How will they find the DJs? 
According to Pickett-Smith "This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent." So, this will be a worldwide competition. Its very exciting! The DJs coming from the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and even America are all doing very exciting things and they are doing it very differently. That being said, its not clear how to sign-up yet. Maybe they will make the DJs wait hours in line, like American Idol. How terrible would that suck to wait in line with all your gear on your back for hours, haha. I doubt that will be the cace. DJs dont do lines. We will keep an eye on this, here at to find out how to participate, so be sure to keep reading.

I think that this show can be a real hit and also springboard DJing into the spotlight. Maybe some club owners will watch and finally appreciate how hard a DJ actually works (probably not though). This competition will be about tallent and passion, and even though we know little about right now, tallent and passion will resonate with audiences and ultimately win the competition. Im picking Pauly D for the win!

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  1. Enter DJ Shayno from LA 😉

  2. celebrity dj: DJ ClyDe VanDerBilt

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