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Early 80s Expose about Sampling, “What is it?”, “Ahhhhh”

Hip-hop and sampling have always gone hand-in-hand. The laws are basically figured out these days, but watch the video below to feel nostalgic about the era when sampling laws were still being figured out. Its really interesting to here the artists' reactions on the subject. I wonder if Tom Petty, and the others, still feel the same? Click through for more thoughts on the subject...

Mini-documentary on 'sampling' circa 1988

As DJs, do these laws apply to us? Not really, but when we make a remix and it becomes a big hit, then you will probably have that conversation with the artist's label. It will likely come in the form of a pretty little cease and desist letter. We all saw DJ Dangermouse's "Grey Album" get skyrocketed to the spotlight when EMI (the Beatles' copyright holder) attempted to cease distribution of the album, back in 2004, even though Jay-Z and Paul McCartney were fine with the album.

Dangermouse is now a well known producer and is half of the hit group Gnarls Barkley. So, DJ's and aspiring producers, whats the lesson here? In my mind, its clear. You are free to create without limiting yourself. Sometimes Johnny-Law might come-a-knocking, but if your music/remix/mashup is that great, you will gain the attention of the world, therefore making it worth the hassle. (But Im no layer, just a DJ that makes remixes.)

Video was found on Gizmodo

Early 80s Sampling

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