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Everything is a Remix Project comes to a conclusion, Watch parts 1 – 4 here

Back in September of 2010, Kirby Ferguson brought us the first of 4 parts to "Everything is a Remix", a video project that explores remixing through all media and the copyright laws that have evolved around this phenomenon. Here, you can watch all 4 parts after the jump. Its very interesting to see all of the different places people have drawn inspiration from or "stolen" from, as it is today. Copyright law needs to be revised! But in the spirit of remixing and reusing other people's materials, I give you "Everything is a Remix" Parts 1 through 4. Click through to view:

Everything is a  Remix

First off, check out this guy's newest project over on Kickstarter. Donate to get it started! Secondly, if you want to see the first post on about this, its right here. Now, lets watch the show. Parts 1 - 4 in order:

Part 1 - The Song Remains The Same

Part 2 - Remix Inc.

Part 3 - The Elements of Creativity

Part 4 - System Failure

So now, I through this to you. What are your thoughts on all this. Do you think about these things when you are creating, remixing, or sampling? I personally dont worry about the copyright laws while creating, only if something were to get super famous.

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