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Miami and Money, at WMC/Spring Break/Ultra Fest

The almighty dollar and Miami's South Beach go hand in hand. There are ways to go to Miami on the cheap, but if you want to party like a rock star, you gotta shell out the loot! However, there are some wallet saving tips that you can do use so you can save your money for the fun things. Lets take a quick dive into Miami's money pool and see whats worth the almighty dollar and how to save money for the parties, after the jump.

Miami and Money

What is worth the money?
When you go to a place like South Beach, Miami, you know you are going to spend some change. If you are there for the Winter Music Festival/Spring Break/Ultra Fest then you are there to party! But you go to one of these clubs and the drinks are massivly overpriced, on average $20. Ill get into how to save there, but i dont suggest spending loot on that. Save your money for the entrance fees to these places.

Mansion in South BeachDepending on the party, headliner, club, and time in the week, the price of the party will very. Later in the week or a bigger headliner will command a higher entrance fee. Entrance fee can be as low as $10 and can be upwards to $125 for one night. So put your money to the entrance fees, but pick the days wisely. You will get a more intimate and cheaper show earlier in the week for the same big name headliner. Later in the week equals more crowds and more pricey entrance for sure.

You should also plan on dropping some money on at least a few good dinners while you are in South Beach. But don't over due it, there is plenty of cheaper places that are good. But once again, if you are there for the parties, then save your money for the partys. Some nights you will be going to 2 to 4 different shows a night, and it adds up quickly.

What to save money on! (or what not to spend on)
First, Transportation: I must say, try to avoid cabs! Do not use them around south beach (unless you are with 3-4 people or with a dressed up girl). The traffic is so thick there, it'll cost you a lot even if you are only going a mile or two. However, if you are going downtown, get a cab. But if you stay in South Beach for the night, just get a city bike or walk. The city bikes are called "Deco Bikes" and are all around the area, there is even an app that will help you locate them. You can get anywhere in South Beach (between 45th st to 1st st) in about 30 minutes. Its $4 for 30 mins and $5 for an hour. You get the bike from the Deco Bike rack (they are all over the city) and then you lock it up at another Deco Bike rack at the location you are going.  Do not rent a bike from the store because its very likely that it will get stolen, and that will be very costly. You can ride the bikes on the Beach Promenade where there is only foot traffic and its next to the beautiful beach! Its the only way to go!

Another place to save a lot of money is on your accommodations.
The HostelParty BusThere are a handful of hostels in South Beach ranging from around $45 a night to $100 a night, depending on the location and time you are booking. Hotels range near $300 or more a night, so those should be avoided. Most Hostels have private rooms that are just like hotels with bathrooms, TV and a mini fridge. If you are there to Party, then definitely stay in the Miami Beach Hostel. Its cheap and its extremely social. You will meet amazing like-minded people from around the world. Miami Beach Hostel also have special deals/reduced admission to many of the good partys around Miami, and to top it off they will pick you up in a Party Bus to take you to the party, free of charge, yet another way to save (the party bus rocks!).

If hostels are not your bag of chips, you can check to find people's houses and apartments to rent on the cheap too. Most of these are a few streets back from the strip, but the places are clean, quiet and for the most part, all yours. You could definitely have some good pre-game parties before going out. The trick to these places is to book as early as possible to get the best price and the best location.

You can do food in South Beach for fairly cheap. Go to 7-11 or a small grocer and get yourself breakfast and snacks for the day. Also, depending on where you stay, scope out some of the smaller restaurants and sandwich shops to eat at. Once again, you are there to party, so keep your fuel/food level up, but no need to break the bank on every meal. If you really want to save on food, the Miami Beach Hostel has free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I must say, the food is pretty good, especially for being free.

Drinks! (of the alcoholic nature).
The secret to not breaking the bank on these in South Beach is to pre-game, pre-game, pre-game, and prep for the party. Like mentioned earlier, the drinks in these clubs are upwards to $20 or $25 per mix-drink. Not cheap! So, get your drink-on at home/the hostel and once you get to the party you may only need one more drink to carry you through the night. Another great trick is to sneak in small bottles of Vodca, or whatever you like. They rarely frisk you so you can put it in your belt, and if your girl has a purse, put the bottles the bottom. You will likely need to buy one drink so that you can pour your bottle into it later, but thats a small price to pay, considering.

To wrap-up:
I am sure there are plenty other ways to spend and save, but if you came to party-rock, then these are some great tips. Please share your ideas on what to spend on and how to save below. Till then, we party rock!

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