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Miami: DJ Color TV, 3rd place WMC Battle Set, (with Video and the other winners too)

Your's truely, DJ Color TV, competed in the 2012 Winter Music Conference (WMC) 5-Minute DJ-Spinoff battle, and brought home the 3rd place title. The battle was long with 20 competitors and the competition was tough. DJ Manny took home 1st Place and DJ Ease was 2nd. If you have ever wondered what goes into a battle like this, click through. Also, there are videos and pictures of the event.

DJ Color TV - 2012 WMC DJ-spinoff 3rd Place Champ

Battle Prep:
WMC Battle PracticeAny DJ that has competed in the DMC or any other battle will share a similar story of "practice, practice, practice!" For the WMC, you must complete a mix that will sound something like your final 5-minut live mix. And you must submit it months before the competition. Then they get back to you about 3 weeks before the competition, and then its crunch time. That time is spent refining your mix, finding samples, buttoning down the scratches and timing, and doing the set over and over again till its second nature. Once I got to Miami, I even spent the day before the competition at the Scratch DJ Academy to be sure I was on point. Its a stressful few weeks!

At the WMC Battle:
The WMC asked the competitors to get there by 1 to have the competition start at 2pm. But like any live show, it started much later than expected. As this was the first day of the WMC things were moving a bit slow, but thats ok considering they were still waiting for competitors and judges, and setting up the sound.

Dj Sancon - DJ Color TV - DJ D'sDj Sancon and DJ D's, from Japan, showed up there with me. Sancon was 2011's third place champ. He was greeted by some of the other DJs from last year, hoping for him to take it this year. The 2011 1st place winner was there, DJ Kurr, to defend his title.  As more DJs arrived, the place started to get more packed and there was an air of anticipation floating through the air. Finally the host got on the mic to amp people up and the competition was on its way.

"Dj Color TV to the stage" and it was time for me to play. You might think that cause we DJ clubs all the time that this should be easy, but that is not the case. You have a panel of judges right in front of you and everyone in the audience is standing there staring at you waiting for you to knock their socks off. Competing is nerve racking, but I was well practiced, so I was on-point (for the most part).Setting Up - DJ Color TV

The other competitors:
I was 5th to go up, but the competition was  already pretty stiff. Not long after I was done, DJ Ease got up and killed it. Then towards the end, DJ Manny also killed it. Some DJs looked really natural up there, others you could tell their nerves got the best of them, but we were all nervous wrecks during our sets. I even spoke with Manny about it afterwards, he looked really comfortable, but he too was super nervous.

DJ Ease - DJ Manny - DJ Color TVThe 5-minute DJ Spin-off was a good competition. The hosts were very good. The judges were fair and also very talented DJs.  All of the competitors that came out worked hard. It takes a lot of guts to compete. I must say, this is the most work I have ever put into a mix. That 5-minutes has to be so action packed its hard to boil-down what will really work and what wont. So, come watch the competitions. If you DJ, come and compete! Its so much fun and the WMC's DJ Spin-off is a great place to compete at. Peace to all the DJs!

DJ Manny WMC 2012 SpinOff Champion

Below is DJ Ease, but this is for the 2 minute Scratch competition, not the 5 minute battle.
2012 WMC Spin-Off 2nd Place - DJ EASE

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