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DJ Sancon, ColorTV, and Shu-T at THE FLAT! Saturday

Come on out and party with us for a special 2 hour set at The Flat in brooklyn this Saturday night. DJ Sancon is a local celebrity in Kyoto and is back in NYC to rock the turntables. First tonight at Diety in Brooklyn. Then tomorrow night for a very special, impromptu DJ set at The Flat. From 10pm to 12am. Color TV and Shu-T will also be there and so should you.

The Flat
308 Hooper St
Brooklyn NY, 11211
JMZ to Hews Street. We will be hitting the LES after, its so close... why not?


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WMC VJ Competition with DJ Lazor, The Champs and gossip

The Winter Music Conference was a few months back and as you may already know, yours truly, DJ Color TV came home with the 3rd place championship for the DJ Mixing Competition. There was also a scratching competition and a VJ or V-DJ competition, in which's own DJ Lazor competed in. The VJ competition was not the best run competition in the world and for sure it was the not managed well. It seemed as if the people running the competition were more worried about keeping the volume low than on the skill of the competitors. But that being said, the winners were great. Lazor may not have placed (they only named 1st and 2nd) but his set was great. Check it out below, also check out the winning sets and the real scoop/shit of the battles after the jump.

DJ Lazor- WMC 2012 VJ Challenge


DJ Lazor’s Birthday Bash, Tonight @ The Hill

Thats right Party People, Tonight, Friday June 9th is DJ Lazor's birthday and we are throwing him a PARTY! Come see me (DJ Color TV), DJ Shu-T, and Lazor throw it down on the 1's and 2's all night long at The Hill (3rd ave and 29th st, NYC). The DJ Booth is up on the 2nd floor, so be sure to come up there and get your drink on with us. Also, there is a special bar on the 2nd floor that never gets crowded. Map and more after the jump...

DJLazor Bday Flyer