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WMC VJ Competition with DJ Lazor, The Champs and gossip

The Winter Music Conference was a few months back and as you may already know, yours truly, DJ Color TV came home with the 3rd place championship for the DJ Mixing Competition. There was also a scratching competition and a VJ or V-DJ competition, in which's own DJ Lazor competed in. The VJ competition was not the best run competition in the world and for sure it was the not managed well. It seemed as if the people running the competition were more worried about keeping the volume low than on the skill of the competitors. But that being said, the winners were great. Lazor may not have placed (they only named 1st and 2nd) but his set was great. Check it out below, also check out the winning sets and the real scoop/shit of the battles after the jump.

DJ Lazor- WMC 2012 VJ Challenge

I'd like to say, I was reluctant to publish this article. The DJ Mix competition, the one I was a part of was great, but the other 2 (scratching and VJs) were not so great. The competitors' energy, effort, skill and overall guts it takes to compete was amazing. The Judges for the battles were all amazing and talented. Unfortunately, the WMC could not match it. It felt that the WMC, even though we were all invited, did not take the care to make sure the competition was amazing too. It takes an enormous amount of effort to organize these battles, I know first hand, but this one felt slapped together, especially the VJ battle.

As previously stated, there was no third place announced this year for the VJ battle. I think its because the Judges barely payed attention and could barely hear the music. The VJ ballte host, while very nice, was not entertaining at all and could not excite the crowd. Also, to top it off, they kept turning down the music, even in the middle of the DJs set, which will throw any DJ off majorly in this high stress competition. This led to the competition basically falling apart as the day progressed. On Monday, the main DJ Mixing Competition was not like this. On Tuesday, however, the Scratching Competition was plagued with the same volume problems. The judges were so upset, at the Scratching Battle, that they almost walked off. The VJ Competition was no different on Wednesday, just worse.

So, I'd like to say to all that competed in the VJ Competition, congratulations, it takes a lot of balls to get up there and do your thing, even if the battle is run poorly. To all the Judges, thanks for listening. And to all the fans, we love yah.

This is DJ Jay E's 1st Place Winning Set

Jay E: 2012 WMC VJ Challenge Winning Set from ScreenWerks on Vimeo.

And Costic's 2nd Place Winning Set

DJ COSTIK Winter Music Conference (WMC) 2012 Performance from Costik on Vimeo.

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