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DJTT’s interview with Armin Van Buuren

First, let me say, i usually dont re-post other articles. But this one is worth it. Also, if you dont know, go over to DJ Tech Tools, its a great site for Controlerist DJing and more, but dont forget us over here at :)

Now, check out this interview with Armin Van Buurenm its really great! DJTT's article is after the jump.

One of the few DJs in the world who needs nearly no introduction, Armin Van Buuren is one of the most successful, highest praised, and experienced DJs on the planet. In our exclusive interview, he shared his thoughts on what the greatest skills that DJs can have are, and what the most important obstacles they face in playing live are. Take a few minutes to check out the full video after the jump – we think almost every DJ in the world can find some inspiration in what he has to say.

Learn more about Armin on his official website.

To answer a few people asking- Armin’s comments in this video are not a response to Deadmau5 – this interview was actually shot prior to all of that discussion.

Considering the last two weeks of discussion in the media about what DJs “really do”, we’re excited by Armin’s words and ideas about what makes DJing great in the interview above. Find anything especially insightful? Share in the comments below.

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