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Paris Hilton, the faux DJ

On Paris Hilton's debut as a DJ it was filled with embarrassing moments and was widely reported on. NYCelectro didnt want to give her the press, but now its just getting dumb. Not only was her set pre-recorded, she played it badly. Now she is at it again. Looks like the same stage hand DJ is sighlently still fixing her set. Just let her fail!

Afrojack, who is dating her, should be embarrassed and sounds like he is. Listen below, and the original video of her messing up and further insight is after the jump.

This is Paris' 2nd gig, still f-ing up
Paris Hilton, the faux DJ

So for all you hard working DJs out there, turns out all you need to do to get gigs is have a lot of money and fame (ehem, DJ Pauly D). Paris is getting by on her looks, but from the looks of things, she should stick to being hot in the sack, not in the DJ booth.

It is disappointing to say the least. I know a lot of people were harping on this from before, but I think we should just agree to not go to her shows. I dont believe its right for her to just jump onto the large stage, especially since she knows absolutely nothing about DJing (and Music really). Just because you date a DJ does not make you one by osmosis. That would be cool if thats how sex worked, but unfortunatly, you do not gain the skill of your lover after you bang them. A word to Paris, stick to what you are good at, sex tapes! Cause you have proven, over the years, that you are good at literally nothing else. Take daddy's money and go away!

Here is one video where she clearly is terrible at what she is doing at her first gig:

Here at about 55 seconds you can see the stage guy adjusting the levels again. I also happened at the very beginning of her set.

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